Sunday, December 27, 2009

Campbell's Christmas

Since my parents have been going back and forth to Idaho, we has our Christmas over on the coast with the Grandparents. My parents came, along with my brother Matt and his family and other extended family.

Bailey was sick with a cold all week, which I ended up getting, then Trent, then my parents. We did not get to visit G&G Davis because we did not want them getting sick, so we stayed at the ranch with my mom's parents.

Bailey also has a few accidents- rocking to hard on the rocking chair and tipping over and hitting her head on the tile, jumping on the couch then falling off into a table and getting a bloody nose. Then after we got home, she was getting out of the car and fell and her face hit the curb- Ouch!

Over all, we had a great time. Bailey still doesn't understand Santa and presents. She would open a present and want to play with it right away, so we opened presents with her all throughout the day until we got most of them opened. We still have three presents that she did not want to open so we decided to give them to her for her birthday in Feb. Here are a few pics of the trip

Christmas Eve- My mom sitting in Bailey's chair- playing games

Ready for bed and waiting for Santa

Bailey playing with her new toys on her new table and chairs

Riding Grandpa's horse with Grandma

The day after Christmas- all tired out with Grandpa!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Lights

Every year we go down Chritmas Tree lane on VanNess to look at the beautiful lights. A few years ago we discovered a new area (Near Peach and Nees) in Clovis. We have gone the last few years and walked through the subdivision full of fun lights and displays.

There is a horse drawn carraige, people giving out hot chocolate, a house that sprays snow all over (I believe it is soap ) and one year another house brought in real snow and put all over their yeard...and they always have Santa.

We have gone a few times this year already because Bailey loves the pretty lights and plan on going a few more times. We are probably going to walk it on Saturday evening if anyone wants to join us!

Monday, December 7, 2009

They bought a house

My parents finally found a house that is perfect for them....and they got it. The other 2 houses that they liked and puts bids on in November had issues and would take a lot longer to go through, so they cancelled their bids and went back to Idaho this week and found a great house. It is vacant and has never been lived in. They are also paying cash, and hope to close at the end of the week!!!! They are thinking that they will be moving their furniture in next week already.

The grass and shrubs are dead because the house has been vacant

This house is 3200 sq ft.
4 bedrooms- each with their own walk in closet and bathroom attached!
It has a huge bonus room above the garage
Has a library AND an office
Has granite in the kitchen
mostly hardwood floors
and a great view of the mountains

They are not too keen on the color and plan on painting it soon after they move in, but other than that it is just what they wanted.

Side view of the house

My mom with the realtor in the kitchen

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Red Ants

This afternoon I took my parent's dog, Molly out for a walk in the golf course behind our apartments(we are watching Molly while my parents went back in Idaho for the week) Bailey loves going to the golf course and running in the grass. Today she got tired and laid down on the grass. Trent went to pick her up and saw that she had laid right in an ants nest and they were swarming on her head. She has tangly hair in back and they were getting stuck in it. As I tried to pull them out, they got on me and were biting me, so I can only imagine a whole swarm in my hair. We ran home and stuck her in the shower. After 3 shampoos and combing through with a comb, we got them out. She was crying and saying "mommy, hurt" and was grabbing at her hair, which just broke my heart as I was trying to kill them and get them all out. She eventually calmed down, but the evidence is still there. She has red bite marks all over her arms, back and neck- and I'm sure underneath her hair.

She's a tough chick and has now forgotten all about it!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend

This year we spent Thanksgiving at my grandparents ranch on the coast- near San Luis Obispo. Jeff came down with his wife from Manteca- where he recently moved because of a job he got with the city as a GIS specialist. Casey, Rachel and baby Zaya came from Utah for the week, and my parents and a few other relatives joined in, so we had a good time catching up and being together as a family (minus Matt and his fam. who could not make it) Bailey of course loves going to the ranch because of the grandpa's horses, so she spent most of the time wanting to pet, feed or ride the horses. After a few days, we headed home for the weekend to relax...and do a little shopping.

Feeding Zinger

Riding with daddy- or sitting with daddy until the horse decided to move

Riding all by herself-

We all went to Incredible John's Pizza on Saturday night-

Casey, Rachel and my parents

Matt Brandy and Baby Aaron

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas too soon?!?

So I know that I am jumping the gun here with my Christmas background, but I figured that I will be changing it in 2 weeks anyways, so I might as well choose my winter background. Trent will be upset as he doesn't even like to talk about Christmas until Thanksgiving is over (unless it is to tell me what he wants so I can save up :)So sorry for those of you who feel the same way....I really do love Thanksgiving, I'm just a bit lazy and don't want to change the background in a few weeks.

Oh and my parents have found 3 houses that they love in Idaho- and have started with the first offer! Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Some of you may have heard rumors that my parents sold their house in Madera...Yes, after MANY...MANY... negotiations, it is set, unless something falls through. The buyers also want a short escrow and want to be in by Dec 1. That means that my parents have only a few weeks to pack, move out and find a house in Idaho. They are heading up this week to look at houses. As for us, we are not sure WHEN we are going, but would like to soon be there also. Trent is supposed to start at Boise State in Jan., but will defer until fall because of the baby being born in March. We will probably wait until after the baby is born before we go also, but who knows. Fresno State has just cut so many classes that it will be forever for him to graduate because he is also working full time. Trent is just glad that he will be a lot closer to his family when we finally head out there!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Parties

This year we we able to go to a few Halloween parties. Last night Trent had to work, so I took Bailey up to the Madera 1st Halloween party with my parents. Then tonight, our ward (Gettysburg) had the annual Trunk or Treat. Both were fun for Bailey, but I was hoping that they would have a few more things other than trunk or treat...such as spook alley or games or contests. Even so, we had a good time at both and Bailey got way too much candy. Once she found out that if she said "trick or treat" she got candy, she was all over it and eager to go see what the next person gave her.

Two cute skunks and a Animal Control Officer!!!

The awesome Sor Family as the Wizard of Oz. The Lion was sleeping in her carseat and missed the photoshoot!

Cowboy Dad

Skunk mommy and Baby, and the grey Crayola Gina

Bailey and her loot-she ended up getting 2 full size candy bars and was stoked when she saw how big they were, although she seems just as pleased with these two tootsie rolls she is holding up...(the two white things that look like they are coming off her head are part of her paws hanging down)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A day at the park

Can you tell that I have more free time on my hands? This semester I taught only 1 short term class at the Madera Comm. College, so I have the next few months off until January when another class starts. This means more time with Bailey...and more blogging (which I want to print off in a few months so I am trying to get more pictures and stories in).

WE have been going to the park everyday lately because the weather has been so perfect!!!

And of course all the pictures are of Bailey because she is the main focus in everything we do...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween handout

I got the cutest treat from my visiting teacher today. It was a pair of witch shoes filled with treats. Along with it was a quote from Ronald Rasband with a phrase that said, "Witch way will you support the rising generation?" I just thought it was too cute not to share with others!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hungry Mike?!?

Bailey loves Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc. She wants to watch the DVD all the time, over and over. Well, tonight she was in the middle of watching the movie and I told her that we needed to eat dinner, but she could bring Mike to eat with her. After putting her in the highchair, and getting dinner together I saw that she took it literally when I said that Mike could eat with her.

Oh yeah... and you have to love the nighttime hair on this girl!!!

Mike loves Mexican rice!

Now he needs a drink!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Big Fresno Fair

Trying to beat out the storm, my mom and I decided to take Bailey to the fair yesterday. I have been there before and had fun, but this year it was better than any previous year(probably because of the perfect weather). We started off at the horse races, which were really exciting to watch. Then Bailey wanted to ride a pony...which she has ridden twice this year already and cried both times. I guess the third times a charm, because she liked it. There was also mutton(sheep) bustin, where little kids ride sheep and the one who stays on longest wins. There are so many things to see and do, that you can barely squeeze it all in. If you get the chance this year, head to the fair.... Thursday is free admission with the donation of 3 cans of food.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

A few updates

Trent and I have been busy these last few weeks with school, work, and our callings. I am in charge of the Primary Program this year(in 2 weeks) and am anxious to get it over with. Bailey has also been keeping us on our toes. Her personality has really been coming out and she is definitely a toddler. She loves to talk and repeats EVERYTHING we Say, so we have to be careful. She also loves the computer (Esp. YouTube) where she looks at Patches the horse about 20 times a exaggeration. I just had my 29th Birthday and Trent surprised me by taking the night off work so we could go to a movie while my parents watched Bailey. We also had a family party last weekend, where we also celebrated my brother Matt's birthday at the same time and had some friends over. We are still waiting to move to Boise, but it looks like it will be next spring (after I have the baby.) Tuesday is my ultrasound,so hopefully we will be able to tell if it is a BOY or GIRL.... Any guesses????

The family party where Dad and Brian Reed rocked the place with their mad guitar skills!!!!

Bailey and her cousin Aaron

Playing dress up!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

BOM Cruise

We had our Primary Activity today and we did a Book Of Mormon Cruise. Each child got a travel pass for the cruise, then we took them back in time. We got to meet Nephi, Lehi and Sariah, Capt. Moroni, Helaman, and King Benjamin.

The group in front of the Tree of Life

Capt. Moroni


Sunday, September 13, 2009


A guy in my ward (Travis Cluff) was on the gameshow Wipeout that aired two weeks ago. They called him "super shorts" if any of you saw it and he ended up winning the $50,000 prize. His video is on YouTube and he has more than 16,000 hits, but needs to get to 20,000 hits to get some sort of deal...I forgot what he said. Anyways, check him out on you tube to help him reach the 20,000 hit mark.

Here is his link to copy and paste in the address bar

Monday, August 31, 2009

Wonderful Friends

We have met some great friends in the Gettysburg ward, but the Sor family has been especially friendly and accepting of us. When they heard that Bailey wasn't feeling well, they dropped off this fun surprise....

A Cinderella cake, which Bailey loved and went crazy over....

And she also liked having a Blue tongue!

I love great friends who sometimes go the extra mile and really make your day- or week for that matter!

Thanks Sor Family, You are awesome!And the cake was yummy!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


So Bailey ended up getting a very mild case of chickenpox from her vaccine. Her fever was gone by Wed, but Thursday red bumps showed up and she still has a few. She is feeling better, but still not back to normal.

This is when she had her fever and was completely out of it for a few days. Poor thing!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vaccine Issues

Last Thursday I took Bailey to get her routine vaccines. She was only supposed to get 1, but of course the doctor wanted to give more. I never let them give her more than 3-4 because I don't feel that it is necessary to give so many at once into the little kids. This time, I told him that he could do 2 extra, for a total of 3, but when the nurse came in she had 4!!!! Well, I did not say anything and now Bailey has had a fever of 102 for a few days. Sunday she was not feeling well and she has had a fever ever since. I am wondering of it was the shots, because she has no other symptoms, just a fever (and all that comes with a fever) Usually they say that they will have a fever for a few days, but it did not show up until 3 days later. I hope that she feels better soon, because I hate seeing my baby girl so miserable.

Oh, and I'm looking for a new pediatrician if anyone knows of a good one...this has happened too many times where she ends up sick after going to that office.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Details and pics from Utah

We had a great time visiting family and friends, but were so busy the whole time that we did not have much time to relax. We made it to Utah last Thursday and did not go to Idaho like we wanted, due to Bailey crying in the car for over 5 hours! We decided that we would travel as little as possible once we got there. We had a great time with his family at their BBQ and seeing all our old friends. It was fun to go to the BYU campus and look at all the changes they have made(I haven't been there since I grdauted in 2002!) The hardest part about the trip (Besides Bailey being terrible in the car) was not sleeping on our own bed. I did not sleep well at all and neither did Trent or Bailey, so we were all pretty tired by the time we left. Here are a few pics of the Trip.

Here we are at the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point

Bailey with Grandpa and Grandma Campbell

My brother Casey, Rachel and new baby Isaiah (Zaya)

Grandpa campbell helping Bailey on the Pony ride at Thanksgiving Point

Here are 2 of my BYU roomates and great Friends, Christina Magleby and Samanatha Snyder