Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I didn't do it, mom!

But it sure looks like you got caught red handed buddy!

Poor Nick was having a really rough day today...turning 3 hasn't been easy on him!

Painting smock, washable paint, paper towels and water, mommy doing laundry...aah this is where we went wrong...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Nick!

Wowee, Nick turned 3!

 Nick woke up this morning and couldn't wait to open a present. He opens the door and looks out and said "there's no decorations for my birthday!" I didn't know it had to be decorated, but I was prepared.  I had picked up a few balloons, and cups and a banner so I could quickly decorate before church this morning.

Once he opened one present, he grabbed the next and started opening that one too! That kid had no self control!

He was so excited with his new toys that we were late for church trying to get him out the door by 9. A new batman gun, cape and armor

                                               He wanted enchiladas for his birthday dinner

...he is sneaking a strawberry off his cake that is hidden by his big head!

3 strawberries are now gone...and Nicks mouth seems to be dirty

We just love this little mischievous guy to pieces...
Happy Birthday our sweet, cuddly and always messy Nick!
We love you!


                                                      ...and goodbye to the terrible 2's

Friday, February 22, 2013

Daddy Daughter dance

Tonight was the Daddy daughter dance for our ward. Bailey loves having special date nights with her daddy. Trent took her to her favorite Mexican restaurant and even ordered her a virgin Margarita! They had a blast and Bailey got Trent to dance.

Bailey loves dressing up, so she was excited all day to go to the dance

Her and her daddy

                                                                        Smile Trent!
Much better!

While they were dancing the night away, mommy took Nick out to dinner also. We had our own little "date" night. We went to Five Guys for dinner, then I took Nick to get a Batman balloon since his birthday is in 2 days.
 Nick chowed his grilled cheese sandwich... and enjoyed every last bite!

We sure love having our special nights with the kids! Tonight was sure fun for everybody!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Campbell Goodbyes and a Campbell Hello

The Campbell family has had a lot of changes occur lately, including the death of Trent's Grandma Huish.  We were able to head down to Utah for a few days for the funeral of Grandma Huish so Trent could be a pall bearer. It was a sad goodbye but she is now with her husband again.

It was a very quick trip and not a vacation by any means as we had a funeral and  visiting nursing homes of  3 of his grandparents. We got to visit Grandpa and Grandma Campbell who were both in a nursing home trying to get rid of the flu. It was nice to spend time with them. We also got to see Grammy and she was in Provo in a home, but was doing much better and was able to go home.

A new hello...This week Trent's sister, Traci, from Connecticut moved to Idaho. I have never met Traci (yes in the 8 years we have been married) since we both lived so far away that we just never were in the same place.  We had a  dinner last night together (along with grandma Terry who came to visit) and the cousins had such a great time playing together. I am so glad we have finally met and that the kids have a few more cousins that live close by.

Check out the messy play room!

Nick and his cousins were putting on a play for us

Another sad goodbye...We also got word yesterday that Grandpa Campbell passed away. He had fallen and broken his hip a few days earlier and his health was deteriorating. He will be greatly missed by the huge Campbell clan. We are so glad that we were able to see him just a few weeks ago and say Goodbye and get a few pictures of them together and ones with our kids.

Grandma kissing grandpa's hand. She was so worried about him the whole time we were there and kept holding and kissing his hand. so sweet!

Bailey and Nick with their great-grandparents Campbell


4 generations of Campbells


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The teddy bear's picnic

Bailey turns 5 tomorrow. I can't believe how old she is getting! This year she said that she wanted to have a Teddy Bear's picnic birthday party. After looking online and finding no party supplies with that theme, I had to get creative, including the cake.


If you have read the book, or heard the song, it says that only Teddy Bears are invited, so everyone had to put on their bear ears and nose so we could sneak in.

Then everyone got to choose a bear friend, name it, then dress it
(Aaron, Nick, Bailey, Aubry, Carly, Sydnee, and Lexi)

 Then the bears play and dance, so we went fishing, played a few games and danced to music.

And the best part of the Teddy Bear's picnic....the food!

  The little birthday Bear

Then a few gifts

And the bear's favorite thing.. a honey bee cake

Nick and Aaron enjoying their cupcakes
Bailey had so much fun playing with her friends. I hope that she has a wonderful 5th year! Happy Birthday Miss Bailey!

Monday, February 4, 2013

The snack phantom

Last night about 11:00 Trent and I were lying in bed and we heard some little footsteps outside our door. The kids were in bed so it must be Bentley walking around...a little more pitter patter outside our door so Trent gets up to take a peak at what was going on. This is what he saw when he opened the door...

Three cups of water and three bowls of goldfish crackers waiting for us on the floor. Interesting, who was the third cup and bowl for? After a little investigating and following quiet footsteps, we found Bailey hiding. She wanted to  leave us a snack for the morning.... How sweet, but it was WAY past bedtime and this little phantom needed to get up early for preschool...so Goodnight little Phantom!