Sunday, October 5, 2014

Linder Farms Pumpkin Patch

Since school has started, and I being pregnant, our family hasn't gotten out as much as we used to, so this weekend we decided to make the most of our day off.

Today was about 75 degrees and absolutely beautiful. We decided that we needed to enjoy the fall weather, so we headed to a corn maze and pumpkin patch at a local farm. The kids had an absolute amazing time and it was good to have them running around and getting dirty....since the cold weather will be coming soon.

The kids were able to ride a few fun farm rides

We walked over a mile and were in the corn maze for an hour running (or walking) around. Luckily Trent was keeping track on the map so he knew where we were or it would have taken us a lot longer to get out! By the end even Nick was tired and wanted to get out of the maze.


And lastly, they each got to pick out a pumpkin. They could get any one they wanted as long as they were able to carry it back.
I love the fall weather and fun activities. Hopefully this great weather will last awhile, we are not quite ready to get out our winter jackets quite yet!