Saturday, January 28, 2012

Presenting Brad Paisley & Scotty McCreery

Thursday night Mr. Brad Paisley and Scottie Mc Creery visited the Idaho Center. Ashleigh and I grabbed some tickets last week and had an awesome time. Nick had the stomach flu a few days before, so it was a much needed break to get out of the house and have a little fun...and fresh air for that matter.

Scottie was up first, and he is just so fun! I love his deep voice. My pictures of him did not turn out very good.

After him was The band named Perry. I only knew a few of their songs.... then Good 'ol Brad himself came out. It was a great concert.

Just before it ended I was getting queasy. A few hours after getting home, I ended up with the stomach flu also, but I was just grateful that I felt fine all through the concert and had a great time with my gal pal Ashleigh!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today we woke up to a winter wonderland- full of snow! The kids were so excited that I bundled them up and had to go outside for a bit. When it stops snowing I promised Bailey that I would make a snowman with her!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A new haircut

Every night I have to wash and condition Bailey's full, thick, head of hair before bed. After it is clean I have to brush and braid it. If I don't braid her hair it will be FULL of tangles the next morning.... And most of the time it is anyways. Finally Trent had enough of her complaining and crying and said, "That's it, she is getting a haircut" Bailey was a little reluctant of cutting her hair, but quickly got excited at the idea of going to the place with the pink car chairs.

Bailey loves her new short haircut

We made it home!

We had a blast while on vacation. It was so nice to see my brother Jeff and his wife, my grandparents, aunts, uncles and my cousin Rachel who I haven't seen in a few years! The weather was perfect so we were able to do a lot of fun things.

The great weather in San Luis Obispo

Trent did get Poison Oak again when he was helping Grandpa on his ranch.We stopped at an urget care to get him medication on the way out of town so he wouldn't be miserable the whole way home.

Grandpa and Grandma's R&R Ranch

We made it to Reno and stopped at Circus Circus to stay the night(it is about half way)and the kids loved all the lights.

The view from our room

When we woke the next day I guess Bailey had been away from home too long. She threw a HUGE temper tantrum. I thought someone would come knock on the door to make sure we weren't killing her- that's how loud and crazy she was. We decided to stay an extra night so the kids could relax a bit before getting back in the car for another 7 hours. We went to the carnival and watched a few shows and went back to the room.

On the tram- the kids thought it was a ride, so we rode it over and over going back and forth to different hotels.

Having fun in the carnival

A crazy acrobatic lady with a weird outfit

Whe we got back to the room, Bailey threw ANOTHER HUGE tantrum. She was so out of control we just let her get it out. This one was anout 20 minutes of her being hysterical. She fell asleep and woke the next day a whole new, sweet little girl. And a better day to leave with two happy, content kids!

Monday, January 2, 2012


Yep, we made it to California and have been having a blast. It has been nice and warm here, about 70-80 degrees. Yeay! We made it to the beach, had fish and chips, got to ride the horses, went on a jeep ride and went shopping. We have done everything that was on our "things to do" list.

Here are a few pictures of our adventures...

kids playing in the sand at the beach

Bailey and her great grandpa Parsons