Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Erase Paste

I finally got to Sephora the other day and used a gift card that I had received at Christmas and got erase paste by Benefit (which by the way is an awesome concealer). While I was blogging away this afternoon(with Bailey playing next to me), she decided to sneak off and try my new erase paste (which was $26 for that little tub) along with a few other favorite makeup pieces. After I noticed it being awfully quiet, Bailey emerged looking like this...

While it doesn't look like much, this was only the makeup that was on was also all over the counter and floor.Plus this thick makeup is super hard to wipe off so it took forever.

She also got to my MAC eyeshadow and my brushes had this stuff caked all over them...

Thanks Bailey for reminding mommy that you watch everything and are now in the "Terrible two's" so I better watch my back!


Since this week is Spring break for the kids here in Idaho, the local Library put on a Luau. It was for kids of all ages. I got there right on time and there were already 120 kids. Crazy huh! Bailey was a bit young to join in all the fun, but she had a good time watching the older she got a snack, bowled with a coconut and had tiki punch and a fruit kabob.

Waiting for her snack

the tiki bar

And today is Nick's 5 week birthday, so I thought I post a pic of him...he hasn't grown much so far, but getting a bit more chub.

This is what the weather was like today in Idaho- crisp and cool with snow on the mountains- but it changes so fast that an hour later it was cold and raining! I love the blue skies and huge white clouds!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beautiful weather

This last week has been so warm and nice, that we went with the kiddos to the park almost every day.With the daylight savings time change this last weekend, we get to enjoy the sun longer in the evenings (about 8:00) before it goes down.

Trent has a rocket that he likes to set up with Bailey and then let it fly.

Nicholas is getting bigger and has reached his 7 lb. mark. He is now more alert and awake and is still such a good baby! I love an easy baby!

Mommy with her little bundle of love!

Crazy Daddy...what are you doing to poor Nick!!!

And here is Bailey with her Giraffe friend. Just had to post this pic with her big pretty eyes!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Holding baby brother

Bailey finally decided to hold her baby brother tonight (Trent told her to smile big so she forced this fake smile)

Proud of herself for being a great sister!!!

Out of control smoke detector

So last night about 9:00 the smoke detector beeped 3 times downstairs. We didn't think too much of it until an hour later...beep beep beep. Trents said that he thought it was one of the smoke detectors running out of batteries so we took the batteries out....Then at 11:00 pm, both kids asleep and Trent and I almost asleep...when we hear beep beep beep, nothing to loud...then every smoke detector in the house both upstairs and downstairs starting blaring and kept going off, startling the heck out of us and waking both kids. After unplugging the one in our room the craziness started again about 30 minutes later after realizing that they were all connected so if one detector goes off they all go off. Finally at 2:00 am we found and unplugged the problem detector (one downstairs) and were finally able to get to sleep. This morning we tried to find out why it was going off, but nothing. New batteries, freshly cleaned.... it still kept beeping so we just decided to keep it unplugged.

Has anyone seen the Friends episode where Phoebe was awoken by the smoke detector and did everythig to get it to stop and it wouldn't...that is exactly what happened last night! Crazy smoke detector!!!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A long week

Nicholas is now a week old. Since he has been home, we have all gotten the stomach flu. The day we brought him home from the hospital, Bailey threw up all day long! Not fun, especially with a brand new baby. The sickness hit us all, but it seems to have finally left. I'm not sure if it has been a bad year of getting sick for everyone else, but we seem to catch everything and have been sick every few weeks. hopefully that is the end of it for us, so we can enjoy spring time!!!

He has been a little angel for us. He is much more mellow and calm than Bailey (thank goodness) and hardly fusses. He wakes up several times during the night, but just for a short time, and with minimal crying (yeay). Bailey is still adjusting to not being the only child but is doing fairly well with him. She still will not hold him, but will now give him kisses and touch his hair or feet!

Bailey is now feeling much better(after throwing up for 5 days) and is enjoying a treat!

We found an awesome park nearby that Bailey loves to play on!

...and if you want to see pics of the inside of my parents house, click on Davis delights on the side , or copy and paste this link.