Friday, May 30, 2014

Ready for Summer!

Bailey's last day of school is quickly approaching. She has absolutely loved kindergarten and is sad for summer vacation. I, on the other hand, am ready for it! We have been so busy with everything that hopefully things can be a little more relaxing...well maybe!

Bailey finished her little gymnastics/tumbling class that the parks and rec put on. She loved every minute of it and wants to keep doing it

We had the father son campout that Trent and Nick went to
So my mom and I took Bailey on a girls night and got pedicures and shopped at Sephora!


 then  kindergarten celebration

 And the kids always find time to be mischievous :) Nick wanted to surprise us with a picture, so he got the paint out and made a smiley face, then glued two buttons on the drawer above ...on out bathroom cupboards. What a sweet boy!



And in between all the craziness, my parents sold their house, but the one that they are building will take a few months, so they will be moving a bed in our bonus room for a few months. They will be traveling to California for most of the summer but need a home base for when they come and check on their house, so we have been trying to help them move. The buyers had cash and wanted a 25 day escrow, so they had to move quick. This last month has been a blur and it has rushed by. I am looking forward to the adventures that summer will bring along with...hopefully...some relaxing time!


Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day Tea

Baileys kindergarten class had a Mothers Day Tea on Friday where all the moms were invited to a special tea party. She even dressed up in a party dress and fancy shoes for the event.

Bailey showed me her life timeline

and the grasshead that she made me

the class had a wonderful program

And Bailey was the most excited about showing me the baby chicks that just hatched

Thanks you Miss Bailey for a Wonderful Mothers day tea! On Sunday Trent and the kids made the day special too. I woke up to tulips and chocolate strawberries on my nightstand. I then went to get my cell phone from the charger, and there was a new phone in its place with "Happy Mothers Day" on the screen. Then we went to my moms after church and and the men all made us a yummy BBQ rib dinner. Perfect day spent with my family!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Whidbey Island

We were able to sneak in a quick trip to Washington this week with Trent's dad. He flew up to visit Laura (my sister in law) so we drove up and visited, then brought him back with us. We had something fun to do or go see every day we were there. It is such a beautiful place and we enjoyed all the wonderful scenery and had fun visiting our cousins!
So this is Deception pass. It is sooooo high. I got about a quarter across the bridge and had to turn back. I was so scared that I couldn't continue across. The problem I had was that Bailey and Nick were in front of me (yes they were holding hands with an adult) but I was so scared watching them cross and I wasn't there. Seriously it was one of the most terrifying things for me ( I really almost had a panic attack) and I don't usually get that scared...anyways, I was just grateful when they made it over, and back and I could make sure they were safe. It is way higher than it looks and the railing is not that tall or secure....especially for a 4 year old!

We then headed to a nearby beach and the kids enjoyed running around and playing. It was a bit drizzly and cold, so not very ideal for a beach day.

So we climbed rocks....

(Laura, Bailey, Grandpa, and Peter)
and put our toes in the water

   and played in the wood forts.
We went to another beach a few days later when it was sunny and warm... this time it was so nice that Nick took off his pants and was rolling around the sand in his undies!


Nick and Grandpa waving hello
They found another fort (the wood tree trunks, and forts, are all along the beaches)

Trent and Peter skipping rocks
Goofy boy (seriously click on the photo to see the up close goofiness of this child)

and his papa
 Aunt Laura helping the kids make a sand castle...which turned into a sandman instead:)

Port Townsend and a ferry ride

One of my favorite parts of the trip was a ferry ride to Port Townsend. We headed out with Laura and her kids and of course Grandpa Campbell. We caught a ferry from Whidbey Island and 30 minutes later we were in Port Townsend.  
Lucy, Bailey, Henry and Peter were waiting patiently for the ferry to arrive
It was REALLY windy and chilly on the ferry, but of course my kids wanted to be right in front of the boat and not sitting inside where it was warm

So windy that it was hard to keep your eyes open...thus all the closed eyes in the pictures :)


 The cousins and grandpa waiting for the rest of us.
We ate lunch at a neat 50's' diner and walked around the quaint seaside town.

Two tired ferry riders (Lucy and Grandpa) enjoy the trip home

Fort Casey

The weather on the last day was absolutely great, with the sun shining, blue skies and white fluffy clouds. We went to Coupeville, WA and ate at the bakery that is in the movie Practical Magic. We then headed to Fort Casey (now a state park) and climbed a lighthouse, played on giant guns, and toured the old Navy Base.

Nick running on the green grass at Fort Casey

Trent, Bailey, Laura and Nick in one of the places in the fort that lookout over the ocean




Whidbey Island is such a beautiful place. We kept busy the entire time with amazing places to see and visit. On the way home we stopped in Seattle a bit, but Pikes Market (the open air fish market that my mom said we had to see) was closed when we got there at we kept going and found this fun place to stop and eat....XXX Rootbeer...which I think Grandpa Campbell enjoyed just as much as the kiddos!