Sunday, August 26, 2012

Three Island State Park

We just got back from a Davis family reunion in Glenns Ferry, Idaho at the Three Island State Park on the Snake River. My brother Casey was coming up to Idaho for a reunion on his wife's side, so he thought the Davis family shoud have a reunion too! My parents who are in Latvia serving a mission weren't able to come, which was a bummer, but all 4 siblings were able to make it.

We each had our own tiny cabin that sat facing the Snake River. I'm not much of a camper, but with a bed and air conditioning, I was actually a happy camper...haha (the bed was still incredibly uncomfortable, but still much better than a hard ground)

Our tiny, cute cabin~ with electricity and AC

Casey (who lives near San Diego) was sick and in his cabin sleeping most of the weekend, so we were sad that we weren't able to spend as much time with him, but were happy that they could come and that he was feeling much better the morning they had to drive home.

The cousins had a blast
(Aaron & Sunny~Matt's kids)(Isaiah & Brooklyn~Casey's)(Nicholas & Bailey~ Melissa's)

Uncle Jeff swinging the cousins on the porch swing. Uncle Jeff and Aunt Yolanda will be missed by all their nieces and nephews. They brought fun toys and played with all the kiddos the whole weekend!

Bailey roasting some marshmallos

Nick, Zaya and Bailey enjoying Smores

Jeff and his roasting skills through the smoke

Matt and weirdo Trent

Our cute family!

the group of us -

Monday, August 20, 2012

Elephant ear

Look closely at Nick's ears...One is sticking out farther than the other

Earlier today I noticed something odd with his ears and that one ear was sticking out more than usual. When I got a closer look, I saw that his ear was swollen and HUGE! I took him to the Doctor just to check it and out and he had to grab another doctor to get a second opinion....not sure why his ear is swollen, yet no other symptoms whatsoever

He ended up putting Nick on so antibiotics just to make sure there was no infection...

The back which shows how swollen and red it was

Lets hope it goes down soon.

The Unbirthday Party

Aunt Pam missed the kids birthdays, so she threw them an un-birthday with a cute Nursery Rhymes/Mother goose theme~ so cute!

The kids first got to decorate cupcakes

Daddy and Nick having fun with their blowers!

The Un-birthday girl!

They also got to open a present and loved the legos they each got... man, they will sure miss their Great Aunt Pam when she leaves!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Auntie Pam is here!

My aunt Pam (my mom's sister) came here from California to visit us for a few weeks. She left the beautiful San Luis Obispo coastal weather to visit here in Idaho where it has been hot and full of smoke from all the fires. We are sure glad she came anyways, because Bailey and Nick love their Aunt Pam and all the fun stuff they get to do with her. And I love shopping with her and leaving the kids with Trent!

She brought a cool doctors kit that both Bailey and Nick have been loving. They give me shots and check my heartbeat a few times a day!

Then we went to the craft store and bought some wood and paint. It is a treat for Nick to paint since he usually makes such a mess!

our little creative artist!

Then yesterday we went to the Western Idaho Fair! We have been waiting all month to go to the fair with Auntie Pam!

Just getting started... visiting the clown for a free balloon animal

The free petting zoo that the kids love feeding and petting the animals

And their favorite...the pony rides (yes we have to save to go to the fair- it adds up fast!)

The Knights jousting show. It didn't keep the kids attention too long, but we should have sat on the bottom closer to the action!

Nick was not only tired by the end of the day, he was filthy! The bathtub was brown by the time we took him out...but he sure slept good that night from a day full of fun!

We have had so much fun this week and can't wait for all the fun next week. We will be having all my brothers come here and stay for a few days, then we will head out on a small camping adventure next weekend for a Davis family reunion. Summer is not done yet!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pierced ears and Lemonade

Bailey definitely has a mind of her own. The other day she came to me and said "I want some real earrings that stay on." Our rule was that she had to ask and want to get them done. I got mine pierced at 6 and I have loved them ever since. Bailey is 4 and even after telling her that it hurts, she still wanted to get them done and Trent agreed since she asked and it was her choice.

So we took her to Icing in the mall. I didn't realize that it is now about $50 to get your ears pierced...and we did check around even Claires is about that price. She had both ears done at the same time so it would be done quickly.

She was brave, but did cry. She said, "mom, that hurt really bad" poor girl, but she was fine a few minutes later and said they didn't hurt anymore.

Then last night Bailey came up to me and said " Mom, I want to have a lemonade stand tomorrow" I then replied, " but Bailey, you do not know how to count money, so we will wait until you are a little older."

I sometimes wonder where she comes up with these ideas but she said that the primary president said on Sunday at church that her son had a lemonade stand, then she watched a movie and they had a lemonade stand too. Man, this girl picks up and remembers EVERYTHING.

So, she woke up this morning and had a great idea, "Mom, lets call Bree (her 8 year old friend) and she can help." Bailey and her great ideas was able to have a lemonade stand