Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Keeping busy and having fun

The weather has been fantastic this year. Sunny and warm, but not quite hot yet! In fact, this week was chilly and we had to get our sweatshirts back out! We have been enjoying the summer so far and the activities that come with it. Nick just started T ball

The ball is coming right to him !!!

Bailey is ALWAYS coming up with a fun craft or game for the family. She made a pin the crown on the princess game that we played

There is the princess and the crowns that Bailey made us

The Cherry Days in Emmett were this past week, so we went and enjoyed the parade

And of course the favorite thing to do in the summer is play outside...all day and every day if they could! They love riding in their cars or on their bikes

So far so good....not too many tantrums or bored days yet :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Last day of Kindergarten

Today was Bailey's last day of kindergarten. She has been sad the last few days that she wont be in her class anymore. Her teacher is also retiring after this year so she wont even see her around school next year.

At least today was their field day. The kids brought towels and were prepared for a day playing in water, bounce houses and snow cones. She was so excited for field day that she forgot how sad she had been.

I bought her rainbow sunglasses and water shoes just for this special day and she was so excited all morning to go to school today!

Oh how we love Miss Bailey! What will I do next year when she is gone all day!?!