Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

At the end of each year I print my blog out into a book. This will be my last post of the year, so I just wanted (Mainly for me and my journaling purposes) go over the highlights (and lowlights of the year).

This year started out huge with a move from Fresno, California to a tiny town in Idaho called Star. It was a huge adjustment for us, especially moving in with my parents, but we managed and are actually enjoying this time where we can take advantage of babysitting (and having no bills!) Even though it can be rewarding, it has also been hard and we can't wait until we have a place of our own.

Then in February, we had an addition to the family, Nicholas Ryan Campbell. He is such a joy and so much fun. I almost can't remember what it was like without him!

Trent started Boise State and is continuing in the Mechanical Engineering program. He got a few more semesters completed this year, but with transferring it added on another semester of credits that didn't transfer- bummer! He enjoys the school and we are really getting into the BSU football here- It is addicting to watch!

I take a Zumba class twice a week and love the girls that I work out with (haven't lost much weight, but am slowly toning). I will be in my first recital on Jan 8- I know, recitals are for little girls, but we are just doing an intermission dance because my instructor is trying to recruit more moms to join us!

Bailey loves her nursery class and still has another whole year before she is a Sunbeam. Her Best friend Abi is a year older and will move up this week, which may be a bit hard for Bailey.

Nick is crawling and wanting to walk, but I'm really not pushing him to hurry. He is so much fun, but also can be quite stubborn and throws little tantrums if he doesn't get what he wants- they learn early!

We have made a ton of new friends and love the people here, but we also miss our California friends and everyone we left behind. It is always hard to start over, but so fun when you start to get to learn new things and get to know more people.

We have been so blessed and have enjoyed 2010 and all the "new" things it brought to us, but are looking forward to 2011 and everything it will bring. So to everyone out there, "Happy New Year" from the Campbell Family!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Meridian Light Display

Here are some videos of the light show I described in the last post. I tried to put our own videos on but after waiting a hour and a half I gave up, luckily for you there was one already on utube. It really is awesome!

Merry Christmas - tons of pictures

This year was a bit different for us, being so far away from my grandparents and extended family. We were here in Idaho with my mom and dad and ended up with a fantastic Christmas Eve...and Christmas day(so far). Last night we invited a few people from our ward over who didn't have any place to go. We had a big Turkey Dinner, watched the birth of Jesus in the Nativity movie, sang carols, and went to see an amazing Christmas light show in Meridian. My dad and Leona singing carols Donna opening up her blanket Bailey and daddy with Santa mommy and cranky Bailey riding a firetruck around the block with Santa Claus A light display in Boise, where Santa takes you for rides around his neighborhood in either his 1941 firetruck or his sleigh This display in Meridian is by far the best I have ever seen. The lights dance to music. A 15 year old somehow rigged his lights to the computer. You turn your radio to a specific station and the lights blink to the music playing on the station. It is seriously crazy. I will try and post the video I made, or the one that the kid put on utube Nick enjoying his pony Today B woke and and ran down the stairs to see if Santa had come. She was so excited and we had a great morning. Bailey staring at her presents and sitting next to her kitchen she got from Santa Nicks new toy Nick enjoying his new bottle that was left in his stocking

Friday, December 10, 2010

down n out

This last week we have been sick with the stomach flu. Friday night we had a ward talent show (we did a skit that turned out really fun!) Then we woke up Saturday morning to upset stomachs (thinking we ate something bad from the church event)...followed by vomiting and everything else. We thought it was the 24 hour bug, but it lasted almost a full week. It is now Friday and I think today was the first day that I feel myself again. Bailey got it also, but Trent only a mild case. I'm just sooooo glad to be feeling better! Nick may have actually been the first to get it and we didn't know, so he has been feeling GREAT all this week. While we have been down and out, this is how Nick has been feeling...
What a HAM!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow Day

Today was our first official Snow Day in Idaho. We got a call at 6:30 this morning saying that Boise State was cancelling classes today, so Trent gets to stay and play! Our subdivision doesn't get plowed, so were stuck for awhile until some melts! Fun Times!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A sneak preview of the Christmas Cards!

These pictures are ones that we decided against for the Christmas cards, so here's a sneak peak of what the others will look somewhat like. We go these pictures taken at a little Holiday Boutique here and they turned out pretty cute for the price!

Of course Bailey is NOT looking at the camera!

And these are the favorites we chose for the cards!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Davis Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving was a bit different this year since we are in Idaho. Usually we go to my grandparents house who live in San Luis Obispo, California. It has always been tradition to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with the grandparents and have fun on my grandpa's ranch. So this year it was different but just as great. It snowed the day before (not too much, just a tiny bit to make things pretty) and was fun to let Bailey play in it a bit. We had dinner at my parents with my brothers Matt and Casey and their families. We enjoyed eating, a bit of shopping and making gingerbread houses together. I admit that I do miss the Holidays in California with my G&G, but I'm sure that we will soon get used to the new traditions we will make in Idaho.

To keep the grandkids occupied while dinner was cooking, my mom brought the slide in the house to let them play on- and they LOVED it!

My Goofy brothers Matt & Casey messing around in the kitchen waiting for dinner to be done!

One of the happiest babies on Earth- Mr. Nicholas

The family... minus us- Bailey had a meltdown right as dinner was starting so we were in the other room giving her a timeout and trying to calm her down- We eventually joined the festivities

My sis in laws making their gingerbread houses

My BEFORE house

My AFTER house- I am a little proud, usually mine doesn't even stand up...but that could be because I used hot glue to hold it together :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Boise State vs. Fresno State

WE FINALLY made it to a BSU football game this year. We have been wanting to go, but it is hard to get a babysitter and Trent being off work at the same time....but we arranged it to have a date night. It was only about 30 degrees, so we bundled up and headed to Boise. After waiting about a half an hour to get in the gates (it was packed with people) we got in and found a spot in the student section on the VERY LAST ROW at the top. It was fun to see the Bulldogs again, and Trent was having a hard time deciding which team to route for...he did wear a Fresno State T-shirt, but it ended up under his coat since it was so cold! We had a great time (I wish it was a better game, BSU kicked trash) but fun all the same!

Look at all the Blue and Orange

Here we are starting to freeze a bit toward the end of the night

Monday, November 8, 2010

Our Sunday

Usually I don't post about our Sundays because there is not much going on. But yesterday I happen to get a few pics of the kids before church all dressed up. Then, at church I got a new calling. I was bulletin specialist before (not so thrilling) but I'm now 2nd counselor in the RS Presidency. I am excited, but the first thing I thought of was, "Man, now I have to do lessons". For some reason, I have never wanted to teach a lesson in Relief Society. Primary and YW were fine, but Relief Society is so intimidating to me...oh well, I guess this is how we grow. At least I only have to do it a few times a year!

Nick all dressed up- Isn't he looking so much older?

B in her Sunday clothes, and eating her toast before we head out the door.

Nick relaxing after church eating his yummy graham cracker and very content!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Since Halloween was on a Sunday this year, we did the tri ward Trunk or Treat on Saturday in the church parking lot. There were 3 wards and hundreds of kids. It was really crazy(I've never seen so many kids all together running from car to car)but Bailey had so much fun. Nick slept through most of it which we didn't mind too much since he was asleep in his careseat and I didn't have to hold him the whole time. Here are the kids in their original costumes in the backyard before we left.

My precious, sweet baby boy

My stubborn little girl, who refuses to look at the camera

They are FINALLY both looking at the camera, yeay!

Having way too much fun giggling

daddy giving last minute instructions and strategies for the Trunk or Treat

Waiting with her cousin Aaron for the fun to begin

We can't wait for next year to take the kids trick or treating around the neighborhood!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Star 1st Ward Halloween Party

Last night we had a Halloween Party at the church. The kids are going to be monkeys for Halloween, but Trent and I wanted to dress up also, but were too lazy/cheap to make a costume, so we re-used last years costume...some of you probably recognize them, but nobody around here had seen them before. My mom also re-used her costume...which was super funny AGAIN!

Nick in his carseat ready to go!

The Skunk family !

the CRAZY chicken!j/k

My brother Matt and his cute family

My cute friends Jana and Ashleigh

Getting my face painted

Our fun first counselor

Bailey fishing

Sunday, October 17, 2010