Monday, June 27, 2016

Jump Creek


Bailey and Nick were able to go with Grandpa & Grandma Davis and their cousins on a hike to Jump Creek. I stayed home with the babies, but the kids loved the waterfall, creek and caves that they saw on their adventure

18 months and nursery

The babies are officially 18 months. That means they can now go to nursery!!!!! It didn't go so well though. Both babies screamed their heads off when I tried to leave. I later snuck out and within 2 minutes I could hear them screaming through 2 closed doors. After waiting awhile and it not stopping, I headed back in to sit with them. I thought that since they had each other that it wouldn't be too bad, but I was wrong. Maybe next week.

Here they are heading into church

Jackson and Maddie sitting for snack time

playing with a friend on the teeter totter

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer days

The kids have been enjoying their summer vacation. We try and get out twice a week. Once a week they get to do something with Grandpa and Grandma Davis, and another time we leave the babies with grandma and I get to take them to do something fun.  So far, this system has worked pretty well. This week I was able to take the older kids swimming at the pool  and today my parents took the kids fishing and hiking. This gets Bailey and Nick out enough that they aren't completely bored at home with the babies.

This is such a fun community pool in Nampa. Only $2 to get in. Not bad for fun way to cool off


Here they are climbing trees down by the Boise river after they went fishing with Grandma and grandpa Davis today.

Last week we went bowling. I signed the kids up for kids bowl free so they get 2 free games each day. We still have to pay for shoes and  my games if I bowl, but its still a pretty good deal

And here is Jackson getting into Nicks candy stash. He has a sucker in one hand and is holding a gumball machine. The twins can spot candy anywhere.
And the babies are officially 18 months, which means....nursery! Yeay. They are getting so big and love to explore. They open EVERY cupboard and throw things out. They love to destroy clean clothes piles, get into the pantry and dump food on the floor, dump out Bentley's water and eat his food (yes it is now on the patio table where they can still climb up and reach) and play in toilet water. Wow, this is our new reality for the time being, and it is HARD! Love them all though and managing to get through the summer having fun

Friday, June 3, 2016

Last week of school, and oh what a week

We have had quite a week. It was the kids last week of school before summer begins, so I had a list of cleaning and organizing I was trying to do during the babies nap times all week....well that didn't happen. On Monday Bailey stayed home sick with a headache and fever. (Nick had the same thing last week so I figured she got what he did) Then Tuesday was Nicks graduation. Wednesday Nick had a high fever so I kept him home and was worried about him missing the last few fun days at school. Thursday he woke up feeling fine, so off to school they go. I got a call a few hours later that Bailey got a bloody nose at field day and I needed to bring her a change of clothes. When I got there, they said that she had a fever of 100 so I took her home. Friday... the last day of school and so far the house is a mess and none of my list has been completed. The kids wanted me to drop them off at school since Bailey brought flowers to her teacher. So on the way to school I picked up donuts and as I dropped them off Bailey asked if I could bring her soup for lunch cause her throat hurt...aaah, sure I could do that, since it was her last day. Fast forward 2 hours and I get a call from the school that Nick was sick and had an accident and I needed to come pick him up. Luckily Bailey's soup was ready so I hopped in the car, dropped off the soup to Bailey (who I couldn't talk into coming home early with me) and picked up Nick who was wearing a loaner pair of clothes from the school (And we just returned Bailey's loaner clothes from the previous day). WHAT A WEEK!!!!!

While it will be nice to not worry about tests, homework and getting the kids ready for school it is going to be a long summer. Two babies  that are not very flexible may make the summer a bit tricky for fun activities, but we will do the best we can. What an adventure we are living.

(oh the many faces of Nick...that kid:)) And you can tell from the pictures that Bailey still wasn't feeling to well even though she insisted that she was fine.