Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our little school girl

Bailey is now officially a kindergartener. She was so excited this morning, woke up early and picked our her favorite outfit from when we went school shopping a few weeks ago.

Trent took the day off, because I am a baby and needed his support. We walked her to the classroom, and everything  was fine. The kids walked in and  I had to give the milk money to the teacher and Bailey runs up to me with tears in her eyes and gave me a great big hug. I tried as hard as I could to be strong, but I started feeling the tears welling, so I quickly hugged her and left as soon as I could so I wouldn't make the situation any harder.

Stopping by to say hi to grandpa on our way to school

Heading towards class with her princess backpack and daddy leading the way

This is only kindergarten, I cant imagine how much harder it gets when they get older!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Out with a bang

So today is officially our last day of summer vacation. Bailey will start kindergarten tomorrow afternoon. We ended the summer with a bang though, hitting up the fair, seeing a movie at the drive-in, playing with cousins, having friends over, Bailey giving her first talk in primary and finally going to Chuck E Cheese tonight to celebrate a new school year.

We had my brother Casey and his family come visit us for a few days. We all went to the fair to have some summer fun! My dad joined in (My mom is still in California helping grandma after her surgery) and enjoyed the evening with his grandkids.
Above is Bailey, Zaya, Nick and Brooklyn watching the pig, ducks and turkey races!


And sitting next to grandpa enjoying fair corndogs!
Three silly kids- Nick, Zaya and Bailey (Casey &Brookie in background)

Our favorite ride- ponies

 Bailey giving her first church talk (The primary has over 100 kids, so they don't get the chance to speak very often)


Getting ready to see Monsters U at the Drive In theatre.


Then to finish the summer, a place where a kid (and daddy) can be a kid

Tomorrow is kindergarten, not sure if I'm ready yet for one in school....She is growing up too fast!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

High heel cupcakes

My friend was throwing a surprise birthday party for her mom and wanted help making some high heel cupcakes that she saw on Facebook. I love decorating cupcakes, so I was in. We had so much fun and they turned out pretty decent (better than I thought).

We made a matching pair of each, but it seemed that everyone wanted to try different kinds so they all got mismatched pairs!

Afterwards we all got fun pedicures. I had such a fun time and a much needed evening away from the kiddos :)

fruits of the summer

Ok, so really I just wanted to show off my cute baby carriage that I made for a friends baby shower. But, I really do love all the fruit that we get in the summer. I have to admit that they are still not as juicy and sweet as the California fruit, but I will take what I can get here in Idaho.

Here is my watermelon carriage...and I did get the idea off pinterest

and my cantaloupe baby
And these delicious bad boys were picked from my moms backyard and will be used in a nice pie...I love Blackberries!

Friday, August 2, 2013

A few more house updates

I finally have gotten most of the master bedroom done. It has been painted, the roof has been wallpapered (see picture below) and I can now finally start to decorate. It is a little plain now, but more of my style than before.

                                                              (before we moved in)

the ceiling before




We found this textured paper at Home Depot and quickly got the idea to put it in the cutout part of our ceiling. It was a pain to put up, but I am happy with the results and with the crown moulding Trent put around the sides


We have started on Baileys room, got it painted a light blue, hung the butterflies and added the vinyl tree, but we are not quite done. We still have curtains, a little organizing and figuring out what to do with all her toys (she's kind of a horder :) )

Hung her dress up dresses

Grandma painted a beautiful rainbow canvas
We have been so busy this summer, but have gotten most of the big things done for the house. We can now slow down a bit, enjoy the rest of summer and get ready for Bailey to enter kindergarten this month!