Monday, March 28, 2011

Las Vegas...Here we come

We have now moved on to Las Vegas. We drove another six hours from San Luis Obispo to Las Vegas and are staying with my brother Casey and his family in their brand new house. The weather is PERFECT here and we are having fun. I took the kids to a park this morning and it was a really neat park. Here are a few more pictures of our adventures in California. We will soon be headed to Utah to spend the rest of the week and will meet up with Trent (He has been in school and working at his new Intern position at an Engineering Company)Yeay!

Nick chasing the seagulls at Morro Bay

Bailey working hard on her castle

Bailey and Nick making a sand castle

Me and the kids at Morro Bay

Bailey and Grandma running from the waves at Montana de Oro (they were HUGE that day)

Oh how I miss the palm trees

On the road again, Nick just ate some chocolate to keep him happy

All the Windmills by Tehachapi

the kids enjoying the neat park in Las Vegas.
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The Las Vegas strip tonight, then heading to UTAH!!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our California Adventures

We are now a week into the trip. We started out last Wednesday and stayed the night in Reno at the Sands Hotel. The kids loved being on the 15th floor and looking out the window at the cars below. The next day we headed to Manteca to stay with my brother Jeff and his wife. After visitig them, we took off to Madera and stayed with the Gaufins for a few days. I got to go to church in Madera where I grew up and got to see old friends (Gina who is Prego with twins and Jennifer Underwood who is recently engaged)After church we headed to the coast to see my grandparents. We stopped by grandparents Davis then headed to the ranch to stay for about a week. These are a few of the pictures that we have taken so far.

Nick at a park in Manteca

Bailey and Nick with Grandpa Davis and Great Grandparents Davis

Bailey playing in the creek at Grandpa Parsons Ranch

Her favorite horse, Zinger