Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bailey tumbling/cheer

Bailey just finished a tumbling and cheer class. She loved it and cant wait for it to start again this summer. She learned a few tumbling/cartwheel skills and some cheers. She is so incredibly shy I am hoping it helps build her confidence a little.

(She's in the black top and pink pants on the right)

New house pictures

When we first moved in, my aunt asked to post pictures to see the inside. By the time we were unpacked, the house was always a mess. Here are a few pictures of the rooms when they are semi clean...

The kitchen after we painted the cabinets white

Dining room that has a fireplace that goes to the front room also

Living room

Entry way leading to the living room

Office that is off the entry way (ignore Charlie on the couch)

Madison's room

Jackson's room is in my closet for now until he doesn't wake up his sister during the night

Master shower

Weird claw foot tub

This is from the Master bedroom looking into the bathroom and closet at the end. The double doors to the right is Trents closet

Notice there are no pictures of the Master and Nick and Bailey's rooms? Thats because they are usually pretty cluttered with clothes. I will post them as we get them organized and clean.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Happy Sunday

Today the kids finally got to wear their Easter outfits. After being sick for 2 weeks, we had General Conference last weekend and watched it on TV in our pajamas.

The babies are absolutely terrible in pictures, but there are a few cute ones

Friday, April 8, 2016

Potato project and donuts

Here is Idaho, we love our potatoes. We love them so much that we dress them up as characters from our favorite book. Bailey made her two potatoes look like Charlie and a snowman from the Charlie Bacon series.

Maddie and Jax are finally better from all their sicknesses. They both have 2 bottom teeth with one big one popping through on the top. They are walking more steadily now, but still only take about 5-6 steps at a time. They are so much fun, but so much work. Seems like they leave a trail of messes wherever they go

Bailey is in a tumbling/cheer class through the city of Star. She seems to enjoy learning new cheers and tumbling moves. Nick is such a sweet boy, but can be very mischievous at times. He loves to bug his brother and sisters all the time. He loves his electric scooter but seems to crash all the time and gets lots of scrapes and bruises. Seems like a typical 6 year old boy!

And Trent is starting a new job on Monday. The commute is longer, but there was a little pay raise and a few other benefits that hopefully make it worth it. Since today is his last day, he bought donuts for his friends at work, and surprised Nick and Bailey with 2 great big donuts. Nick seems to be quite happy with his!