Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My little water babies

Both my kids love water. Nick turns on the hose and get soaking wet all day long. They love the sprinklers and our little kiddie pool in the backyard. They also love to go fishing with Grandpa. With them loving water so much, swim lessons just seem necessary to keep them both safe.

Nick's favorite part was throwing his torpedo then going and getting it

Bailey actually enjoyed going under the water this year and wanted to jump in the deep end as much as she could

 Learning to float on his back

Jumping in
 Nick turn jumping in

 What a pro!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Good Night Nick!

Tonight as I was putting Nick to bed, he looks up at me and says,
"Mommy, I wanna be a big guy some day"

I reply, "I'm sure you will be a big guy someday"

he then says "No, I want to be a BIG, FAT guy someday"

to which I say "Don't worry, I'm sure you will be big and fat some day"

He sure put a smile on my face after a long day!

As I was leaving his room, I could hear him singing " I wanna be a big fat guy"

Good Night my little small boy!

Friday, July 12, 2013

playing in the rain

Bailey and her friend Sydnee playing outside right after a little rain storm. I sure love Idaho weather!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

CSI too close to home

This evening around 8 pm, I was outside with the kids in the front yard. My friend Keri was walking by and stopped to talk for a bit and about 5 minutes later my mom rode up on her bike. There was a door to door pest control guy  across the street that starts yelling at us. My mom ran over to see what he needed and he said that there was a lady leaning on our neighbors fence across the street that was not responsive.

I called 911 and paramedics were on their way. My mom came back and said that a lady looked like she had passed away but nobody wanted to touch her. Another friend of ours was riding her bike by who is an RN about the same time Trent was running over. Trent watched as she checked for vitals.

The lady had passed. Ok, so here is the weird part. The neighbors that live in the house are out of town for a week and my dad has been watching the house. He and Bailey went over this evening and noticed a bag full of energy drinks sitting on the front porch (that weren't there this morning) and didn't notice her on the side. She did not have a car and wasn't a neighbor.

I'm not only really weirded out, but we are all wondering why this lady chose the one house where nobody was home, if she knew them, and why she was sitting at the side of their house near the fence.

We are a pretty close knit neighborhood where we know most neighbors and wave when people drive past. It is just odd for a lady that nobody recognizes and has no car leaves a bag of drinks at the front door, her flip flops under a tree in the front yard, but she went to the side by the fence and laid down. I hope to know more and find out if the people who were out of town knew her.

But for now, just a little uneasiness for me since it happened right across the street. I'm pretty sure that there was no foul play, but the street was cordoned off and there is crime scene tape everywhere. This is tiny star that has a population of 6,000 and you just don't expect things like this to happen.

I will update if I find out more...

OK, I just found out that she didn't know the neighbors but lived somewhere around here with her parents and was an alcoholic and probably wandered around then passed out... and the cops apparently knew who she was...

Friday, July 5, 2013

Family, friends and fireworks

We started out our Independence Day holiday on the 3rd with the God and Country firework show in Nampa. My parents and  a few friends joined us. Trent's brother Dustin and his family were visiting from out of town so they joined along with the rest of us to a fun relaxing evening.

My mom ready to throw a lawn dart

Nick running after the bubbles with his friend Carson

Trent and our friend Kyle

Aunt Laura with Peter and Nick watching the fireworks

The finale...the firework show was not that great, but we had fun visiting and playing with friends and cousins anyways.

The next day we were doing a BBQ and then a firework show after... This is Trents loot (this is his favorite holiday so I let him splurge a little...yes it is like Christmas for him :))

My friend Ashleigh brought her awesome flag cake to go along with my moms homemade icecream

All the kids enjoying the icecream and snacks ( L to R) Bailey, Piper, Lexi, Kylie, Gage and Carson)

Our friend Kyle also brought quite the loot with his trunk filled with fireworks

Trent's step sister Traci and her cute family were able to join us for  some patriotic fun too!

We moved the firework show to my moms house because we were worried about our uptight neighbors and a few of our not so legal fireworks.

Trent got the hose and water ready (if you remember last year we started just a small fire)

Me and my one of my best friends Ashleigh and her cute baby Brinley

Lexi and Nick with Sparklers

baby Brinley just hanging out

 Nick staring at the multiple fountains
Luckily, we did not start a fire this year, but our neighbors almost burned the garage down. They had one of the aerial fireworks that shoot out about 9 high ones into the sky...it tipped over and shot straight into the garage like missles. Luckily none of them hit anything flammable, but when we walked into the smoky garage there were quite a few burn marks all over :) We had such a good time seeing so many family and friends to celebrate our freedom and share our holiday with.