Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's official

My parents house in Madera is now on the market. It was listed today and they even had people go through. It is such a bad time to sell, so it may be awhile before anything happens, but they are in no rush! They aren't even sure where they are going to move, but are looking closely toward Idaho, in the Boise area. Now we'll just wait and see what happens. And...if they move to Idaho, it is very possible that we may end up moving there also. There is a school there that offers a masters degree in Nuclear Engineering which Trent is really interested in. I guess we will just see where the road takes us in the next few years...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Season Passes

Yeay...We Finally got to go to the Water Park (Wild Water Adventures) today. We bought season passes a month ago, but the kiddie area has been closed due to filter issues. Now that it is up and running, we plan on going a lot more during the summer to cool down and relax!

Bailey's favorite books

Bailey loves books and being read to. She has a few fovorite books and they are not ones that I would have expected. She doesn't like the expensive, fancy ones. She goes for ones that I have had forever or for cheap dollar store ones. Right now her favorite book is one that my BF Sam got me in college called "Once upon a Potty" It is really funny and has pretty graphic pictures of little girl going potty. Of course Bailey loves it. She also loves Kiss Kiss given to her by Grandparents Campbell and kisses each page.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stay Away!!!

Last week, while we were house sitting, Trent and Bailey came down with nasty colds( with fever, congestion, mucus, sore throat, etc ...) They were both miserable most of the week. By Friday they were feeling better and we were supposed to be going to my grandparents house and having a weekend away. We ended up going, but the whole time I was sick not only with a cold but the stomach flu also. We ended up coming home early, and had a miserable drive home! Bailey screamed most of the way and I felt like I wanted to die. I am finally starting to feel like myself again today, but I woke this morning to Trent throwing up! Are you kidding?!? Now he is getting the stomach flu...Another whole week of this, I'm not sure I can handle it! If you live close by, STAY AWAY FROM THE CAMPBELLS!

Sorry, no mucussy, vomiting pictures with this post!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Whole new ballgame

We are housesitting in Madera for my parents who are currently in Idaho with Casey and his new baby. It is nice to go to Madera and relax at their big house while they are gone. We house sat for them a few years ago when they went on their trip across the country for 2 1/2 months and it was pretty nice. It is a whole new ballgame with a 15 month old. This time, not only am I watering the plants and feeding the dogs, but I am trying to keep Bailey out of EVERY cupboard in the house, out of the dog food (which she loves to eat)out of the curtains, out of the pond (or throwing things into it) and trying to keep the house clean. My oh my this week seems long, just a few more days!

Here she is picking up rocks to throw in the pond

Getting ready to spin in the curtains!

Do you see those little feet peeking out?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

fun in the sun

Bailey loves animals, so when Matt and Brandy said they were going to the zoo, we invited ourselves along with the rest of the family (Except Casey, Rachel and lil' Zay Zay in Idaho)We had such a fun (although hot)day out. We even went to Sting Ray bay and got to feed the Sting rays. Bailey is an outdoor girlie and had a great time...even with no nap..she kept plugging away.

Bailey and daddy petting "Rainbow"

Jeff, his wife Yolanda, and Me!

Getting "zoo food" lunch

Bailey watching the turtle-It kept her amused for quite a while

Bailey and Grandma Davis watching the animals!!!