Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January... fun (and no fun)

I feel like it has been awhile since I posted, so here is a little blurp of our January. First, we have all been sick, sicker and sickest...starting with stomach flu, strep throat, colds, another round of stomach flu (and yep, more throwing up)back to a cold, pink eye and now another form of flu with fever and chills, but no throwing up. We have all been sick one after another since December started. I hope this is the last round because we have ALL been feeling pretty crummy! But, we have found a few days in between where we feel better, so we make sure to really go out and have blast while we are feeling good!

We took the kids to Pojos and they had fun playing games and going on rides (PoJos is a mix between Chuck e Cheese and Johns Incredible Pizza(in Fresno)

My freind Ashleigh and I took the kids to a new play area called Jabbers. They had fun playing in the giant playhouse, riding bikes along a track, going shopping at the Farmer's Marker with their own carts, and relaxing by teh BBQ (which is what Bailey is doing in the picture below) and just being silly!

In the cool kitchen of the playhouse

Ashleigh's twins, Kylie and Carson

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Zumba performance

I just got back from my Zumba "performance". It was really fun...and a bit embarassing~ the real housewives of Star Idaho trying to shake their booties, gotta love it!

(the girl in front with her arms out is our instructor, Jen)
...and the girl right next to me on the right is the RS president who I now serve with!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mother Goose

Trent's family has a tradition of Mother Goose on New Years Day. On New Years Eve they put a shoe out for Mother Goose and the next morning it is filled with goodies (Trent said that it was usually school supplies or toothbrushes and small things). Every year since we've been married we have done this little tradition, and it is kinda fun. This year was the first time we did it with the kids and that Bailey could understand a little better... but I wanted to know if anyone else has heard of this tradition, or is it just the Campbells that do this? I was just curious because I had never heard of it before, but it is definitely a fun tradition that we will keep up!

This year Mother Goose left the kids matching Toy Story PJ's

Here's Nick SUPER happy about his PJ's- no teeth still, just a mouth full of gums!

Bailey sporting her new pajamas