Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend

This year we spent Thanksgiving at my grandparents ranch on the coast- near San Luis Obispo. Jeff came down with his wife from Manteca- where he recently moved because of a job he got with the city as a GIS specialist. Casey, Rachel and baby Zaya came from Utah for the week, and my parents and a few other relatives joined in, so we had a good time catching up and being together as a family (minus Matt and his fam. who could not make it) Bailey of course loves going to the ranch because of the grandpa's horses, so she spent most of the time wanting to pet, feed or ride the horses. After a few days, we headed home for the weekend to relax...and do a little shopping.

Feeding Zinger

Riding with daddy- or sitting with daddy until the horse decided to move

Riding all by herself-

We all went to Incredible John's Pizza on Saturday night-

Casey, Rachel and my parents

Matt Brandy and Baby Aaron

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas too soon?!?

So I know that I am jumping the gun here with my Christmas background, but I figured that I will be changing it in 2 weeks anyways, so I might as well choose my winter background. Trent will be upset as he doesn't even like to talk about Christmas until Thanksgiving is over (unless it is to tell me what he wants so I can save up :)So sorry for those of you who feel the same way....I really do love Thanksgiving, I'm just a bit lazy and don't want to change the background in a few weeks.

Oh and my parents have found 3 houses that they love in Idaho- and have started with the first offer! Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Some of you may have heard rumors that my parents sold their house in Madera...Yes, after MANY...MANY... negotiations, it is set, unless something falls through. The buyers also want a short escrow and want to be in by Dec 1. That means that my parents have only a few weeks to pack, move out and find a house in Idaho. They are heading up this week to look at houses. As for us, we are not sure WHEN we are going, but would like to soon be there also. Trent is supposed to start at Boise State in Jan., but will defer until fall because of the baby being born in March. We will probably wait until after the baby is born before we go also, but who knows. Fresno State has just cut so many classes that it will be forever for him to graduate because he is also working full time. Trent is just glad that he will be a lot closer to his family when we finally head out there!!!