Thursday, January 24, 2013

Garlic Charlie's

Bailey's preschool class had a field trip to Garlic Charlie's here in Star. The kids got to explore the kitchen, make garlic dough balls for the parents,  and make their own pizzas. There were quite a few kids but it turned out great. Both Bailey and Nick had so much fun...and we are thankful to Garlic Charlie's for letting us come and learn how to make pizza!

Bailey and her friend Carly making their pizzas...

 Nick helping with the dough balls

Now his pizza with only cheese and pineapple~ his favorite

Both the 3 and 4 year old classes combined for this field trip! What a big group!

And this brought back a few memories of high school when my friend Gina would take us to Round table that her dad owned and we would make our own pizzas...aah good times!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fun in the snow

Today was beautiful and sunny in Star Idaho. The kids bundled up and had fun playing in the snow. Nick was running after everyone throwing snowballs...

 Trying to make snowballs with the powdery snow

Even Bentley was enjoying the snow

 Our snow angels...

The Blue sky

 Mamma and B

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

snow, snow go away

The Boise area usually has a mild winter. For the last few years, it will snow and it lasts maybe a day or two then melts. Well this year is a different story. There has been snow on the ground the last week, and another storm is expected tomorrow...uug. While it is really pretty, it is not so fun to drive in especially when the side roads have not been plowed.

Here is proof how icy the road is...My friend Ashleigh went right off the road (Luckily Trent happened to be home at the time to help along with a nice passer by)  And yes, they did get it backed out

The view from our front porch

Since Trent has been gone the last few days in California for a business trip, Nick helped me clear the sidewalks and shovel snow. What a big helper he is!

Happy New Year

The day we got back from California, I has a message on my phone inviting us to a New Years Eve party. It was family friendly which was a huge incentive, so we didn't have to find a babysitter and we could spend the evening together as a family. We had a ton of fun all evening. It only went until the ball dropped in New York (so 10 pm our time) which was perfect for us. There were older girls that took our kiddos and played with them all night so we actually could mingle with other adults.

The kids played the wii in the basement while most of the adults played games or just mingled upstairs

they also exercised and played air hockey

The adults head down 5 minutes before the ball drops

Watching the TV and counting down together

The confetti cannons went off and candy was thrown about...Happy New Years! Thanks Wambolts for inviting us to party!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

California...the good and the bad

Oh how we love visiting California. It is home to me and always will be. A few things that we love and miss...

My grandparents ranch and all that's on it

And Fish n Chips in Morro Bay is always fun...along with going to the beach

Being closer to my family. It was nice to see my cousins and family members (Britton and Grandma Davis)

The kids playing with their great grandma Davis

In N Out that has not quite made it to Boise yet

and as we entered the central valley we realized why we moved....
We drove past the house I grew up in and took this picture. When I was done and we were still looking at the house, a man comes out the front door and starts yelling at us "What do you want" with his fists up in the air and starting yelling again. Trent wanted to stop and tell him why we took a picture, but he seemed so upset and not friendly that we sped off laughing at how crazy people are. People in Idaho are so friendly that we forget what Madera was like and how rude people there can be....

The house I grew up in on Varden Dr...right before the crazy man came out! It looks a bit run down too