Friday, December 25, 2015

presents, presents and more presents

We had a nice Christmas morning here at home, then headed to my parents house and got to have Christmas #2. The kids loved all their gifts, but most of all, Nick just loved opening presents. When his were opened, he didnt care too much about what was in them, he just wanted to help everyone else open their's too! Luckily Jackson and Madison needed help opening theirs, so Nick jumped right in.

Here is Nick at our house looking pretty happy

Bailey loves Beanie Boos and was so excited that Aunt Pam gave her one. Grandma also made her a cape like Elsa from Frozen.

GRandma cleaning up the mess

Two happy elves

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

Since we are in our new house, I wanted to host Christmas Eve this year. My parents, Matt and his family, Matt's father in law Aaron, and our good friends, the Belnaps, joined us for our tradition of enchiladas, games and of course, Santa! We had such a fun evening filled with lots of laughter and good food.

It snowed quite a bit this morning so we will finally have a white Christmas!!! It is so pretty so I had to get a picture with the kids on the porch with the snow

There were so many kids, we were able to act out the nativity

And Santa came

Even Madison and Bentley had a blast! Now to bed so Santa can come!

All she wants for Christmas is....

                                                 Her two front teeth!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Twins are 1 years old

Hands down, this has been the hardest year since Trent and I got married 11 years ago. With the babies coming 8 weeks early and staying in the NICU for 5 weeks, to us selling a home, moving in with my parents, my grandpa unexpectedly passing away, then moving into a house right before the holidays, all the while trying to keep up with two babies and being exhausted daily, we made it! Madison and Jackson are 1 year old.

They are still a bit behind in their development and motor skills, but steadily catching up. They are now both crawling everywhere! We still have yet to see any teeth, or any first steps, but we are not rushing either or those milestones :)

They both have completely different spirits and personalities and are so much fun to watch them grow together.

Here they are below, talking to eachother

Maddie was really excited that she got a whole cupcake to herself

And Jackson realizing that he really does love red velvet cake

Happy Birthday Madison and Jackson. Oh how we love you!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Family Pictures 2015

We got our family pictures back. There are a few great ones of the kids, but I am not crazy about any of the family ones. Plus, out of all the pictures we took, Jackson was only smiling in ONE of them...aaah. Oh well, we will try again next year and maybe get a few more smiles!


Slow down!!!

Tomorrow is Madison and Jackson's 1st Birthday! Where has the time gone? And with Christmas just a few days away, time needs to slow just a bit. We. still aren't even close to being unpacked....and there is so much to do.

At least we got a tree last week and decorated a little, we made it to a few Christmas Parties, Bailey did a school play and Nick a Christmas program and have snuck in small moments to shop, enjoy Christmas lights and get some hot chocolate.

These last few years, Christmas has thrown us off a bit. Last year, the babies being born 2 months early and this year moving a month before Christmas has really thrown us for a loop, but we are still plugging along and trying to do our best getting into the Christmas spirit.

Bailey was Mrs. Claus in a class play

Jackson riding his car at grandmas house
Grandpa and Grandma were in a Christmas play in their ward, so we went to watch with cousins Sunny and Aaron

Nick and his cousin Aaron being silly waiting for grandpa and grandma's play to start
And we love going and watching this house's light dance to music. It has been a tradition for
the last 4 years to go by this house. It really is amazing!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Lights parade

Tonight my mom and I took the kids (minus Jax and Maddie) along with Sunny and Aaron to see the lights Christmas Parade in Caldwell. We dressed warm, but it was still freezing outside. The ids had a good time being with their cousins and we got to see Ralphie from the Christmas Story, The Grinch, a bunch of Minions and Santa. Fun and pretty night!

Here is grandma and a few of her grandkiddos braving the cold

Ralphie and the leg lamp :)