Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pajama Party

I'm not sure where she got the idea, but Bailey has been wanting to have a pajama party. I kept telling her that we would in the summer, but something would come up every weekend. Last night we were FINALLY able to have a few friends over and have a PAJAMA PARTY (not a slumer party!)

The girls came in their favorite pajamas and got pizza, snacks, games and watched a movie. The girls hid balloons and had others find it and played telephone.We then put on teh movie Matilda, but about 15 minutes into the movie they decided that they would rather play. They all ended up in princess dresses and played dress-up.... so much for plannning on watching a movie

Bailey and her friend Abi

Kylie, Carly and Esther in the back

We put blankets across the floor so they could snack and get the pajama party atmosphere even though they only stayed until 8:30pm

My friend Ashleigh and her girls Lexi and Kylie

About 15 minutes into the movie, they decided that playing with balloons was way more fun!

Even Nick had a good time playing with Bailey's friends and eating a bunch of snacks!

It turned out to be really fun (and not as much work as I expected with a group of 4 and 5 year olds) and I'm even considering letting Bailey have another one sometime!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

more summer fun

We have had a busy few weeks. Trent's family came to visit, we had the stomach flu for a week,a fun party at the zoo and a work party with Trent's new company!

Unfortunatley we did not get any pictures with Trents parents, but we did get to have a picnic at the park with them and the kids had a blast with their cousins that came along.

Nick then came down with the flu AGAIN, (this is the 2nd time in a month) and I ended up getting it and feeling pretty miserable for a few days. After feeling better we headed out and had some fun!

Jabbers is a fun play area that the kids absoluely love. I had a half price coupon so we went to beat the heat

Then Bailey got invited to a birthday party at the zoo for her friend Aubrey's birthday! It was really hot, but we did have a good time.

And Trent's company had a work party. They had pony rides, a petting zoo, a waterslide and jump houses, a mechanical bull, and tons of free food including BBQ, cotton candy and shaved ice. Yummy! We are so grateful that Trent is working for such a great company!

It seems like the summer is flying by, but we are sure trying to make the most of it and have some fun before its over.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fireworks and fire

Trent had the fouth of July off from work, so we started the day off going to the Middleton parade. Most parades around here throw out candy. This parade threw a little, but what makes it so much fun is that it turns into a huge waterfight between the people in the parade and the people watching the parade. The firefighters turns their hoses on the crowd and we had a great time!

Bailey and her friends watching the parade

Look at these soaked boys running down the street with the firetruck and streams of water shooting out!

Later in the evening we had a small BBQ with some friends and set off some fireworks

Bree, Sydnee and Bailey

We had an amazing fireworks show....yep, this was one of ours

But we did have a small fire in the empty field across the street. Notice Trent running to grab the hose as it started getting bigger and the flipflops they were trying to stomp it out with weren't working so well! They got it out soon afterwards, but Trent was pretty nervous the rest of the night that we would start another one, luckily we didn't