Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All Girls Party

Last night for our R.S. weekday activity(formerly known as Enrichment) we had an All Girls Party....with a BBQ and swimming. The people who own the house are from Atascadero, CA (Where I grew up when I was little) and know a lot of the same people my family does. It's funny what a small world this is!!!

Their house was amazing. It is right by the Boise River, has it's own pond with paddle boats and canoes, had a huge pool and waterfall and everything else they need to throw an awesome party...Sound system, built in trampoline, play area for the kids, Frisbee golf setup...It was pretty neat.

Grandma and Bailey by the fountain

Pond in their front yard

The waterfall with the slide down the side of the rocks

Waterfall to their can also go under the waterfall into a little cave

Bailey and cousin Aaron (Matt's little boy) loved the water, so my mom played with them in the pool while I was holding Nick

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Family updates

This post is mostly just updates for myself. Since I print my blog yearly, I like to make it like a mini journal/scrapbook. This just shows the kids and how much they are growing.

Nick is almost 5 months and enjoys bathtime(like most babies)

I FINALLY got a decent picture of both kids. They are dirty and tired, but at least they are both smiling!

This is how Trent watches Nick (or Ricky as Trent calls him)- He stays on the computer and put him on his head...c'mon Trent, can't you put the laptop down for a few minutes? (He was doing homework so I guess it may be a little justified)

Cute Bailey eating her Cheeze its

Nick is now eating baby food and LOVING it. Bailey WOULD NOT eat baby food,and this guy loves sitting in the Bumbo and eating away- even peas adn greenbeans! He just finished eating in this pic, so his face it still a bit dirty!

Bailey and Nick are growing so fast. Bailey is now a litle girl. Yesterday we painted our nails togther and she wanted to do her makeup- she is only 2 1/2 and I'm not ready for her to be a big girl! Nick is out of his newborn stage, but I'm not too sad about that! I love that he looks at me and can give me a big smile with his cute dimples!

Trent is now back in the thick of school at Boise State- He is taking a few summer classes- which end in 2 weeks, then will start again in fall. He is now into his major classes so he's taking all Engineering classes except for one last math class.
We are still paying out of state tuition (about $7000 a semester...Yikes!) but only fall semester left before we will have been here a year and get cheaper tuition this winter.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our 4th of July~Idaho style

Our 4th was a little different this year-

We started out on Saturday the 3rd with a kids parade in the subdivision. So, we dressed up B and headed down the block with the other neighborhood kids!

The beginning of the tiny parade

Bailey out waving her flag (she only lasted about a block of walking)

The fancy float

My mom and I watching from the sidewalk

Bailey tired and sitting on daddy's shoulders

Almost to the end!(can you see that there is nobody left behind them)

After the little parade, we went to the Middleton parade- unlike any I've ever been to. It is a small quiet town. When we got there someone said that we were sitting in the WET ZONE

No joke! I guess at the end of the parade route, it is a wet zone where people can throw water balloons and squirt water at the floats and people on the floats have water guns (or hoses) and squirt everyone as they go by. It was so funny! To top it all off, the fire department parks a truck with a water spout over the road, and completely drenches the parade participants.

Look closely and you will see a person in that water (they are the firemen from another town nearby). It was so crazy...and so much fun! You would never see this in California due to the huge drought and lack of water...

THe crazy water spout that sprayed everyone- it also has controls so it was aimed at people

Bailey enjoying a good ol Coca Cola (a treat for her)

Nick sleeping through ALL of it

Small town atmosphere

One last fun thing about this year~ They sell illegal fireworks here!~ That may not excite some of you, but they sell EVERYTHING here and do not get mad if you light them off....roman candles, firecrackers and artillery shells. When the sun went down, the fireworks were crazy- like every block has their own show with the huge fireworks in the sky...It was pretty cool!

(They do make you sign an affadavit that you will take the illegal ones out of the state to light them, but they don't enforce it in the city because there is no fireworks ordinance- SCORE!!!!)