Sunday, November 29, 2015


We finally got all our things moved in about a week ago and the whole house is one big mess of boxes. We wanted to redo the fireplace and cabinets and paint them white, so we took on that project and didnt realize how big it really was.

The fireplace was pretty before, but since the entire inside was painted grey, the honey colored wood clashed, so we decided to go with white.

Here is the fireplace when it is almost completed

The before kitchen

This is the outside cabinets, but we are almost done with all the fronts and will put a completed picture up soon.

Trying to paint, along with moving, unpacking and trying to watch two crawling babies has been terribly difficult, but I think the hardest is over. Now just unpacking, getting up a Christmas Tree and trying to organize. Hopefully things will get easier soon! But, I think I'm starting to enjoy my new house :)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Nick's classroom feast

Nick has one of the most awesome kindergarten teachers! She is so good with the kids and has so much fun. Today was their class feast. Nick had such a great time with the yummy food, his friends and mom there to help.

Nick with his friend Kidd next to him

Kidd and Nick were pilgrims and Jason was an Indian

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bailey's award

Today Bailey received a special respect award at school. She was very excited to get an award, then after she won a pojo giftcard for free pizza, games and rides! Ms. Bailey is doing excellent in school this year and adores her teacher!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Madison and Jackson had their 9 month checkup (a few months late) and since Jackson's head is still growing and now completely off the charts, the Dr. was thinking that maybe we should do another ultrasound. After contacting the Pediatric Neurosurgeon, he read the ultrasound again and said that the tech who read it, had made a mistake. Jackson was diagnosed with Benign extra Axial fluid of infancy (BEAFI)

BEAFI is not harmful and was known as external hydrocephalus. It is characterized by a large head and and a full feeling soft spot (described Jackson exactly) and he may have mild delays in motor skills. It should resolve itself by the time he is 2 or 3, and his learning or intellect are not affected. I'm glad that it is not harmful, but it is kind of scary that the technician missed it when we took him in July. Luckily, it is NOT  harmful and baby boy Jackson is just fine!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Happy Halloween

Since Halloween was on a Saturday this year, we were able to go to many fun activities. Nick and Bailey both had class parties that I was able to help with. Then we had the church Trunk or Treat where my mom and I dressed up like chickens with the babies. Saturday we went to the Star community carnival and Trunk or Treat, before heading out trick or treating with our cousins Aaron and Sunny.

Here are a few pictures from all the activities

Nick's school party with his friends, Jason and Kidd

Getting ready for trunk or treat at the church