Saturday, October 20, 2012

Linder Farms pumpkin patch

We have a variety of fun pumpkin patches around the area, so we decided to try Linder Farms in Meridian. It was pretty chilly and windy, but Bailey said that "this night was awesome" so I think the kids had a fun time anyways...

Of course first thing they wanted to do was the pony ride....too bad we don't live in California anymore where they can ride Grandpa Parsons horses for free...

big smiles all around, Nick enjoys the pony rides as much as his sister!

then to the petting zoo and feed the animals

I love this picture where none of them are looking at the camera! Goofy Trent!

and the hay ride to the pumpkin patch was also a many pumpkins how to decide

oh wait, we found a, Trent had to carry that bad boy to the car!

And yes, mommy was there too enjoying a night out with the family!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My two cats

Who would have known that for $2 my kids would be able to turn into precious little kitties...well Nick is a tiger, so I guess not so precious.

We went to a free carnival in Middleton and the kids had fun just being able to run around and play. They especially loved the bounce houses, the train ride....

and bobbing for apples. A fun family day in the nice Idaho weather!

Fun table decorating

This month for enrichment we had decorating table ideas. I was in charge of New Years Eve and Christmas. I had such a blast trying to find bargains that would make my tables cute. Here are a few of the tables...


Fall or Thanksgiving

BSU (people around here are die hard Boise State fans)


Here are my two- Christmas

And New Years. Usually I do not decorate for this holiday, but now I have a centerpiece that can come out to ring in the new year!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lady in velcro

Bailey: "Hey mom, what's the name of this movie?"

Me: "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Bailey: "I think it should be called lady in velcro"

ME: "why"

Bailey: "I just like that name"

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nick's new haircut

Bailey came down the stairs this afternoon and said "mom, Nick wanted me to give him a haircut, but it looks kinda funny" Nice Bailey, lets see the damage...

What else is there to do when big chuncks of hair are missing from the back of his head, except to shave it.... Here's his after shot

You can still see the shorter areas, but definitely not as bad!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's Fall here in Idaho

It seems like everyone here in Idaho gets excited for fall to come. I'm not sure if it's the cooler weather or the changing color of the leaves, or if it's just the beginning of the holiday season, but it is fun to be here during the autum season. There are fall carnivals and huge pumpkin patches that seem to pop up everywhere. And, everyone seems to really decorate their yards and houses.... Here are a few yards from our neighborhood .....

notice the pumpkins and cornstalks...they seem to be popular here for the front yard along with a bale of hay (this one is kinda hard to see since it is far away)

And the blow ups are everywhere now too!

So I decided that I needed to catch the fall fever and start decorating. I started with the entry table....

then the mantle

and found a great $5 wreath on Craigslist that I had to doctor a bit

to the front entry way...I actually got a hay bale this year with the corn stalks...even though Trent didn't want me to get one, I went with the kids to a little pumpkin patch down the street and grabbed one.... it makes the yard so much more festive!

I'm now ready for fall and the kids seem to be quite ready for Halloween to come!

Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm 32

I really can't believe that I am 32. It has just alwasys seemed like when you are over 30 that you were middle aged and you would know how to raise kids and be a great mom and that I would know what I was doing with life. Well, I feel like I am still in the learning stage and should be so much farther along. I am so grateful for what I have though and how much I have been blessed in my 32 years.

My brother Matt watched our kids so we were able to go out on Saturday night. I got to go to Cafe Rio and get my favorite chicken salad. And afterwards we went to a movie and had a great night away.

My actual birthday was Sunday so we had church in the morning. But Trent made a fun scavenger hunt for me to go on when right when we got home. At the end was a present that the kids helped pick out (A set of pots and pans...yeah spicy huh?) But, I did get a yummy Coldstone Creamery cake (thanks to groupon we got it half off) and that really made my birthday complete!

Before bed, Bailey gave me this picture she drew of me....I was trying so hard not to laugh, but I told Bailey that it was really good, but I sure had a lot of teeth and they went up to my eyes. She said " I made 32 teeth on you, just like your 32" Too funny, but it looks like she ran out of room and didn't quite fit in the 32 teeth.