Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Nick's kinder graduation

Nick had his kindergarten graduation today.  My mom stayed with the babies and my dad joined me for the program. As soon as Nick saw me he said that it was "lame and boring" and wanted to go home "right now." Luckily it was only about a half hour program then he got to go home early with us.

love, love, LOVE this kid to pieces, but he sure makes life an adventure. You never know what he is going to say or do!

Nick and his two classmates Maya and Avery. Maya and Nick are in the same church class also.

Grandpa finally got him to loosen up a bit by tickling him.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Madison's strawberries and lemonade photo shoot

Maddie had another mini session photo shoot. The lady just has girl outfits so this time it was just Maddie, and Jackson got to stay home with grandma. But, because Jackson wasn't there, we could not get Madison to smile. I guess she needed her other half to be there and cheer her up.

(she is supposed to be a strawberry below)


Friday, May 20, 2016

almost summer

With school getting out in just a few short weeks, it seems like our lives have gotten a little more hectic recently. There have been end of the year projects, tests, carnivals, art walks, book fairs and presentations.  We try to go to as many as possible, but tagging 2 babies along is not easy. It helps a ton when  my mom can watch the babies so I don't have to bring the huge double stroller and have 2 babies to wrestle with :)

Here is Bailey and her friend Erika (who lives down the street) after the school carnival with their faces painted and shaved ice

During the days, I try to keep the babies happy and busy. The one thing that they absolutely love is going outside. They also love swinging on the porch swing.....

Life is going to be very different when Nick and Bailey are out of school. I'm already dreading the noise and constantly dirty house. I'm gonna have to figure out a schedule so things don't get too out of control and how to fit fun activities in...I think we may need my Aunt Pam to come help for the summer !!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Field trip to the Zoo

Nick's kindergarten class got to go to the zoo last week. I was lucky to be able to go and chaperone since my mom came and watched the babies that morning. Nick and I had a great time together on our day out.

He got to ride the carousel

Lay on this lizard

and even feed some goats, sheep and a llama

Nick was able to ride home with me, so we made a stop at Chick fil a for lunch. We had a wonderful tday together, just Nick and mom.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Another round of sickness

Last Sunday as we were headed out the door for church, Jackson threw up all over Trent. Needless to say that I stayed home with the babies from church that day. The next day Jackson seemed to be doing better, but in started Madison and Nick. By the end of the day, I was sick also....yep 3 of us throwing up at the same time. My mom came to help with the kids the next day and luckily it seemed to be only a 24 hour bug. The day after, both Trent and Bailey came down with it.

We are finally all feeling better and really enjoying not being sick. We are still playing catch up from the countless loads of bedding and laundry we went through. I believe I washed the crib bedding 5 or 6 times between both babies being sick. Not a great week for us.

We are starting off this week much better. We all made it to church yesterday, I am slowly getting caught up on laundry and housework and all the kids went back to school.....yeay

Here are a few pictures of last weeks fun

Maddie likes to explore and getting into trouble. She is my mischievous little girl that gets into EVERYTHING

 including the dryer as I took out the clean clothes. She is crying because Jackson was shutting the door on her

Nick made it back to school by Friday and was able to be in the kindergarten music program. He is sitting on the front row (on the right side) holding an instrament

Friday evening when everyone was feeling better, we went to Boise and took part in the March of Dimes walk to help raise money for premature babies. We didn't end up going on the walk because the babies were pretty cranky before it started, but at least we tried

Then on Saturday morning I was able to sneak away and go to a few garage sales. I found this cool roller coaster for the babies and they loved it.

A very eventful and crazy week, but we made it through and looking forward to what comes next