Monday, September 28, 2015

NICU harvest party

Every year, the NICU puts on a harvest party for all its former  patients to come back and see the nurses who helped them. Since we had babies in the NICU (for 5 LONG weeks) it was nice to go back and see some familiar faces in a better environment. It brought back so many memories of how hard it was when the babies were so little, but the nurses loved seeing how big they have gotten.

It was for all family members and kids were to dress up. Bailey and Nick had a blast playing games, eating treats, doing crafts and decorating cookies. The babies were pretty good and were probably just wondering who the strange, yet oddly familiar people were who kept holding them and passing them around :)

They took family pictures there too! Babies went as skeletons, Bailey as Anna from Frozen and Nick is a cowboy ...complete with Grandpa Parsons cowboy hat.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Our troublemaker kindergartner

Nick is our little troublemaker. He has a very hard time listening and obeying. He can also be very sensitive, so I was wondering how he would do in kindergarten this year.

Well, he says that he gets in trouble a lot (but his teacher has never said anything so I'm hoping that's an exaggerations) He also became best friends with two twins in his class, Jason and Kidd. They are "more naughty than him." When I went to pick Nick up after school, he says "look at the white thing that Jason is wearing today" I look up and see this tiny kindergartner in a white wifebeater tank top. What 5 year old wears a wife beater to school?  The next day when I pick him up he says "mom, Jason and Kidd are both wearing earrings" Sure enough, both little white thug kindergartners have these HUGE diamond stud earrings.  The boys come give Nick a big hug when he leaves and put their arms around him and they are the best of friends. He really loves these two boys and I'm sure they are nice little guys.....BUT....if these are his friends in Kindergarten, I am so afraid of what his friends will be like in High School.

We sure do love our Nick but I think we are in for a wild ride with this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the hectic life in Idaho


Since school has started, we have become a quite hectic family. The kids school is 20 minutes away and since Nick is in Kindergarten, I drive THREE times to  the school and back each day. We tried sticking the kids on the bus but it arrives at 6:35 am which is an hour and a half before school and it takes them just as long to get home. I hate the kids to waste 3 precious hours each day riding the school bus, so I will sacrifice and drive...but it seems like driving is consuming my day!!!

Then when I get home it is time to feed and give naps to these crazies.... My dad seems to be doing a pretty great job of feeding both at the same time :)

(check out the background all the baby crap in the front room...yep it always looks like that)

Then we get them dressed for the day and hope they stay pretty happy.

Then it is time to pick these kiddos up again. Here they are all ready to go on picture day

Weekend in Utah

Trents family was having a family reunion over the labor day weekend. Trent decided that we wouldn't go because it would be way too hard to travel and stay in a hotel with the babies. So Saturday morning comes along and I head out the door to a hair appointment. Just after getting there, I get a call from Trent. He had booked a hotel for 2 nights and we would leave when I got home...WHAT!?! We werent packed, or ready, or even had clean clothes for that matter. But five hours later we were on our way!!!!

We got into Utah at 11pm, and surprised his parents the next morning. We enjoyed seeing his family and relaxing up in the canyon. It was a really fast trip, but I think it was good for us to get out. The babies did ok in the car, but were better in the hotel. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

I didn't get too many pictures, but I did get one of the babies in the hotel (Above)... and a few at the park with grandma Terry. This was Madison and Jacksons first time to a park!

Bailey and Madison(below)

She was LOVIN the swing!!!

It took this guy a little longer to enjoy the swings

But eventually he came around!

It was really nice to get away for 2 days, but just as nice to be home and back to routines.