Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trunk or Treat

Since Halloween was on a Sunday this year, we did the tri ward Trunk or Treat on Saturday in the church parking lot. There were 3 wards and hundreds of kids. It was really crazy(I've never seen so many kids all together running from car to car)but Bailey had so much fun. Nick slept through most of it which we didn't mind too much since he was asleep in his careseat and I didn't have to hold him the whole time. Here are the kids in their original costumes in the backyard before we left.

My precious, sweet baby boy

My stubborn little girl, who refuses to look at the camera

They are FINALLY both looking at the camera, yeay!

Having way too much fun giggling

daddy giving last minute instructions and strategies for the Trunk or Treat

Waiting with her cousin Aaron for the fun to begin

We can't wait for next year to take the kids trick or treating around the neighborhood!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Star 1st Ward Halloween Party

Last night we had a Halloween Party at the church. The kids are going to be monkeys for Halloween, but Trent and I wanted to dress up also, but were too lazy/cheap to make a costume, so we re-used last years costume...some of you probably recognize them, but nobody around here had seen them before. My mom also re-used her costume...which was super funny AGAIN!

Nick in his carseat ready to go!

The Skunk family !

the CRAZY chicken!j/k

My brother Matt and his cute family

My cute friends Jana and Ashleigh

Getting my face painted

Our fun first counselor

Bailey fishing

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

They go all out here in Idaho...well at least with their pumpkin patches. They have full on carnivals with pony rides,petting zoo, hay rides, corn mazes, train rides, play in piles of corn, jumping pillows, and so much more. Today I went with my mom and kids to one in Meridian. It was so fun and there was tons to do.

Bailey's favorite thing- pet the animals! She was following this poor goat around trying to pet it!

Farmer Bailey

waiting for the cow train to start...

waiting(and crying)for the cow train to end...

Nick loving it...and drooling all over his shirt

and our pretty little Bailey deciding what to do next!

Monday, October 11, 2010

He's crawling

Nick decided that he didn't want to just sit and watch the world go by, so he decided to join in and crawl...he actually likes to have his hands held while he walks, but that gets old REAL fast, so he mostly crawls. He is growing up so fast, I just can't believe it. The weather here is so perfect all the time. It has been in the 70's for almost a month and this week in the high 60's. I really couldn't ask for better weather!

Getting ready to crawl

Proof that he does have some hair, it's just light

And Bailey doing the thing she loves best, running around outside...I can hardly keep this girl in...

Friday, October 1, 2010

the big 3-0!!!!

yep, it happened...yesterday I turned 30! I can't believe it. It is one of those numbers that always seemed so far off, yet it snuck up pretty quickly. I love being 30 so far...Trent is still in school and we don't own a house yet, but things seem pretty great for us anyways!

I would have thought that I would be a bit sad about being 30, but I have such great friends that they have made the WHOLE WEEK seem like my birthday. They started last Saturday with appointments to get makeovers- It was so much fun. I really didn't like mine too much, but I love getting them and I LOVE MAKE-UP so we had a great time anyways.

Asleigh's before picture

Jana during

Us after (we took before and after's of each of us)

Then on Wednesday night (Since we were going out on Thursday) Trent made my favorite dinner, BBQ ribs, and invited some friends over.

Then on Thursday morning I headed to my Zumba class and walked in to a big "Happy Birthday". Trent took the whole day off so we got to lounge with the kids and run some errands. In the afternoon, my friend Ashleigh watched the kids while we had dinner and a movie. When we went to pick up the kids, there was a small group there with a cake ready. It was so cute and so much fun! I don't think I've had a birthday where so many people cared and thought about me. It was so special and so much fun that it really made turning 30 easy, So a BIG FAT THANKS to everyone making my birthday so great!

At AShleigh's, blowing out the candles on a super yummy chocolate cake!~

Plus I got some great gifts. Trent did good this year and got stuff that I really liked!~THANKS HONEY! (He also took Bailey to the mac counter and let her pick out her present for mommy~ AND SHE DID A GREAT JOB!This is one of my favorites!

So Friday Night, Trent tells me that we are going to breakfast in the morning and that I have to be up at 7:00. I thought that it was weird that he gave me a time to be up. So I got up in the morning (he was still in bed telling me to get ready and he's be up soon) when the doorbell rang. Jana and Chelsea were there kidnapping me for breakfast. They took me to the Egg Factory in Nampa. It was so much fun, and as I mentioned before, my birthday REALLY was a whole week long. By the end, I was ready for the party to be let's concentrate on HALLOWEEN!!!!YEAY!