Monday, February 24, 2014

Nick's 4!

Nick turned 4 years old today and had his very first birthday party where he could invite a few friends. He invited his cousin Aaron, and friends Joey and Bronco. They boys played so well today and Nick had a blast having his own friends over to play!

He wanted a Robot party and of course I couldn't find anything I had to be creative. I made my own Robot piñata and then just bought plain red plates and party supplies that the kids could decorate with robot stickers. It actually turned out great and the kids loved decorating their plates and hats.

the crazy robot cake that both kids helped decorate

And the robot piñata
A few guests, Aaron, Nick, Bailey and Bronco
Cousin Sunny and Joey

Nick and Bronco below (I didn't get any very clear pictures of Nick- He is horrible at sitting still and looking at the camera )

 And after all the friends left, Grandma took Nick to a special lunch where he got an ice cream sundae for his Birthday!

When I asked Nick what he wanted for his birthday dinner He replied, "Cheese toast" I asked if he wanted anything else and he said "Nope just cheese toast!"
Oh how we love this rambunctious and cuddly little boy. He is full of life and makes every day an adventure. Happy 4th Birthday, Nick!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bath time

Last night I told Bailey that it was time to get in the bath tub. About five minutes later, she walks in and says that she has something for me to read....

I read it and knew right away what it said- (I don't want to get in the bath tub )  Even though it has huge spelling mistakes, I am actually proud of my little kindergartener that she could try and sound out words and put them in an order that I could read. Great job Bailey!

And yes, she still took her bath!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Daddy Daughter Dance

Tonight was the Daddy daughter dance....the day that Bailey waits all year for (along with her birthday and Christmas) She gets all dressed up, picks her favorite restaurant for dinner and dances the night away with her daddy!

Bailey started getting ready right after school. She was all ready and daddy wasn't even off work yet!

Trent came home, threw on his pink tie and was ready to go to Mariachi Loco (Bailey's favorite Mexican restaurant)
While Daddy and Bailey were away, Nick and Mommy had a fun night out too! We went to the mall where mommy got to shop at the Macy's outlet (the whole store is 75% off) and Nick got to ride a few rides! A win win situation!

 I asked Nick where he wanted to go for his special dinner and he replied "McDonalds". I talked him out of that and tried to go somewhere nicer, but we ended up at Wendys. He loved it and actually ate his whole kids meal. He even got a frosty for the way home! 

He was hungry!

Trent and I both had a wonderful evening with the kids! We feel pretty blessed to have such precious kids!




Saturday, February 15, 2014


Trent and I were finally able to make it to McCall and see what all the hype is about. Everyone here is shocked when we say that we have never been there. So, my parents graciously watched our kids while we snuck away this weekend to enjoy the snow (we were supposed to have an anniversary get away last August but my mom was in California longer than expected, so we are just now celebrating :))

Trent and I have different ideas of what is fun to do, and he has been wanting me to go shooting with him for awhile. So, on our way up the mountain we stopped and went target shooting. Not what I would call fun, but he enjoyed it.
(Looking at the smile, it seems he is having fun)

It took us about 2 hours of driving time to get to McCall but it was a beautiful sunny day and we enjoyed the ride...especially since we could actually have a conversation and not be interrupted every two seconds!

That evening we explored the small tourist town. We also went to Ponderosa State park to see what the camping situation looks like...I think it will be perfect for a summer camping trip! The next morning we had an adventure waiting for us. We got up early, rented some snowmobiles and trooped in to some Hot Springs.  They are only accessible by snowmobile in the winter and was 45 minute drive each way. It was a little longer than I would have wished and was a bit bored the last 10-15 minutes, but I was toasty warm and enjoyed the scenery.

Trent in the warm water (100 degrees). It was really quite magical to be swimming in such warm water while it was snowing on us! Pretty awesome! We also had a few other snowmobilers in our group that were from San Diego and Arroyo Grande who were really fun and we had a good time with them!

It started snowing more on the way back and it was harder to drive, but we made it no problem. We then headed down the Mountain as we had a dinner theater to attend in Boise that evening. We met up with our friends, Ashleigh and Kyle and had quite the evening watching a play and enjoying dinner. It was a perfect time away and a great Valentines Day! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

a sleepy son

I walked in the living room this evening to put the kids to bed and found that Nick was already asleep....with his pants on backwards, half way off his bum, and was completely asleep laying on Trent. It looked so uncomfortable to me, but hey I guess if you are tired enough....

and  Trent just watches TV not bothered at all
(he probably didn't even notice Nick was there :)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bailey turns 6!

Today is Bailey's 6th Birthday. She has been so excited for this day to come. 

I was able to bring treats to her kindergarten class this year and she chose to bring Hostess Ding Dongs. Her teacher put a crown on her and made her feel super special for the day!

Then when school was out I picked up Bailey and 3 of her classmates so they could come over and have a pizza party with us.

We put on a My little Pony movie and if you notice in the background, Bailey decided to do makeovers on each girl individually...She must get that from her momma.  It's funny how excited each girl was to take her turn and get a "makeover"

Then to the pinata

...and the presents

...and the cake (This is a homemade  four layer, rainbow, whip cream cake...)

There is the rainbow!
Bailey had so much fun. She is very social and loves playing with friends!

Happy 6th Birthday my sweet Bailey! She said that this was the best Birthday ever, but I'm pretty sure she says that every year :)