Friday, November 29, 2013

a quick visit, fiesta and turkey

Casey was able to come for a quick trip since he was already in Idaho attending a wedding. Bailey and Nick were so excited to see their cousin Isaiah.

Bailey and Isaiah

The three boy cousins on the Davis side (Aaron, Nick and Zaya)

Playing away at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Casey only stayed a night so we made the most of the time that he was here. My mom made a fantastic mexican meal with all the trimmings for us to enjoy (and it brought back memories of Madera.) The kids stayed up late playing and we even squeezed in going to see Frozen the next morning at the theater.

My brothers Matt and Casey..Me and my mom

Both my kids LOVE Mexican food. It is usually the only food that they will finish without us telling them to
(Bailey, Zaya, Nick, Aaron)

Two crazy cousins...Nick and Aaron are best friends but are trouble when they get together

Unfortunately Casey was not able to be here on Thanksgiving, but we were just happy to be able to visit with him. After he left we got into baking mode and getting ready for turkey day. This was the first Thanksgiving with my parents home from Latvia...and it was nice to have mom here to cook the turkey :)

 Bailey all ready for the fun!

Getting hungry!

Mom, Dad and Matt

Matt's little girl Sunny is happy as can be after eating until her tummy was full!

And I was able to talk my mom into joining me that evening at Walmart's black Friday to score some DVD's for only $1.96. Yeah it was a little crazy to head out into madness for only DVD's. But we got what we wanted, waited in line for 20 minutes and got to sleep in the next day! Perfect

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

That is one spoiled Bentley

Every morning after Trent gets out of bed Bentley knows that I am a sucker and will let him join me for a bit . This morning Nick snuck in too and I came back and saw this....Two very  cozy (and spoiled)  boys!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Hey mom, there's beautiful snow outside

As Bailey runs in and says "Hey mom, there's beautiful snow outside" and the weather forecast said 60 degrees, I should have known something was up.... I looked outside and saw white packing Styrofoam everywhere in the front yard

I handed each child a broom and made them sweep up the mess
 They did an ok job, but there are still small "snow" pieces in the lawn that will be there until the wind flies them away. Hopefully next time it snows it will be the real thing!