Friday, June 24, 2011

Our Idaho Summer

So besides trying to camp, we have been enjoying the summer here in Idaho with other fun activities. I love that the days get hot, but evenings are always cool. I remember in Fresno even at 11pm it would be in the 90's. Here it is mild. Yesterday was 93 degrees but by evening there were thunder clouds, which turned into a crazy lightening storm with rain and a nice cool breeze.

Our summer so far has included the Cherry Festival in Emmit,evenings and/or morning walks, going to the park, swimming, hitting some garage sales and Bailey getting to ride her little pony again (See last years post for more info on her little pony friend) We are looking forward to more visiting family and the reunions during the next few months.

The irrigation canals are going again.They start in Spring and are full until fall when they stop the water. These canals are everywhere around here- winding throughout cities and subdivisions- that pump water to your sprinkler systems. You don't get monitored on how much water you can use...and its free!

The thunder clouds rolling in last night

Our evening walk

Nick in his little push car with his hat

Bailey on her trike with Trent behind her

On a ride at the Cherry Festival

Nick was too small to ride any rides, so he watched Bailey have all the fun while climbing on the bars!

Bailey being such a good older sister and pushing Nick on the swings

Bailey and her beloved pony friend, Casper

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fun while it lasted

Trent loves camping and has been wanting to go for the last 7 years that we have been married. For some reason, I finally gave in (probably because we are going to a Campbell family camping reunion in August and I needed to practice). Anyways, we had a great time and the kids loved it....until bedtime. Bailey finally went to sleep around 11 and Nick was even harder. He only wanted to be in his own bed. I finally got him to sleep, only for him to wake up SCREAMING about an hour later. There was nothing I could do to calm him down...bottle, rocking him, standing up...nothing. And he was so LOUD that I felt as if we were waking up everyone! So, at 1:00am we left our tent and belongings behind and drove a few hours and got home around 3 am. Trent went back this morning to get all our stuff. Lesson learned- DO NOT CAMP WITH A BABY! I think that I will be finding a hotel in the area of the family reunion.

We started out our fun day with a picnic lunch at Lucky Peak where Bailey put her feet in the sand.

Me and the kiddos

Daddy and kids in with their pants rolled up.

Nick in his carseat on the way to the camp spot.

Trent setting up the tent

We got the kids some toys and treats from the dollar store to keep them busy

Nick sneaking a sip of a soda

Friday, June 10, 2011


A few months ago, Trent and I decided to join the YMCA. They are fantastic! They have every class imagineable, a few huge pools, a kiddie pool area complete with waterslides and a lazy river, and the best thing they offer is... childcare! Yes, they watch your kids up to 2 hours while you work out! Score! We have been taking advantage of the cardio and the pool, but I need to take a few classes. They do have a family Zumba that I went to last Satuday and had a blast. They also have a Zumba gold for older people that I am trying to get my mom to go to! Anyways, if you are near a YMCA, you'll have to check it out!

Here's a picture of the pool and waterslides that Bailey and Nick love!