Saturday, October 24, 2015


We finally have an offer on a house. We decided to back out of the short sale because it was taking so long and have found something that we think will be a great fit for our family. Inspection and appraisal are done, now just waiting for closing around mid November...woohoo!

Friday, October 23, 2015

10 months

The not so little babes are now 10 months. They had a NICU follow up yesterday to see how they are progressing. Jackson is a little behind in communication and motor skills (Around the 6 months level) but Madison is up to speed around the 8th months level, which is their adjusted age, and completely on track. Jackson is a big guy and in the 95th percentile for weight and his head is still way above average at the greater than 98th percentile range :) Both are steadily progressing and doing great!

Below is our typical cranky Jackson and mild mannered Madison...oh how we love them both!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

new addition

We have a new little addition to our household. Yes, that little black kitty , Boo. My brothers wife, who lives in California, was taking a walk and saw this tiny black kitten by the side of the road. She was covered in fleas and completely malnourished. She rescued the poor kitty and got her clean and fattened up, then asked if we would want her....well the kids have been begging for one so I gave in (and Trent still says we cant have a cat :))  and she now has a nice, comfortable in Idaho!

Miss Madi seems to like her already

But Bailey and Nick fight over who gets to feed her

And these pictures have nothing to do with the new kitty, they are just too cute of my sleepy Jackson!



 Nick's kindergarten class took a field trip to Linder Farms pumpkin patch last week. He had fun playing in the hay, petting farm animals and going on a tractor hayride through the pumpkin patch and picking his very own pumpkin.

(He is pictured next to his teacher in the top left corner) He is such a joy and I love hearing his stories each day as I pick him up. Yesterday he told me that Kidd and Jason (his twin friends)  got new earrings and that now he likes 2 pretty girls in his class. My oh my, this little boy is growing up way too fast!