Monday, August 31, 2015

Fair fun!

After a long first week of school, I picked up Nick from Kindergarten and pulled Bailey out at the same time. I surprised them with a fun day at the fair...and yes I brought the  twins also. I was thinking that I was crazy to not only take 4 kids to the fair...but 2 babies! Luckily my parents came along for the fun...and for my support. The babies did great and the older kids had a nice afternoon watching shows, playing games, feeding and petting animals, eating carnival food and of course a few rides.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Madison and roseola

In the last few weeks, our family has had our fair share of sickness. Maybe its because our immune systems are all weak from the constant lack of sleep, or maybe all the smoke in the air from the fires burning nearby....but we started out with colds last week and were grateful that everyone was feeling better for the first day of school.

After I drop off the kids on Monday, Madison was extremely cranky and still had her fever from the day before. She  is usually our happy baby, so I knew she wasn't feeling well. I took her to the Dr to see if she had an ear infection or sore throat, but she came back with a clean bill of health, along with Jackson...Fast forward to that night when she was awake from 1 am to 5 am screaming and she wouldn't take a bottle. So I called the Dr back and she said to monitor and bring in if she would drink in the next few hours. We finally got her to drink a little and go to sleep. After a long few days and many calls to the Dr., a rash of red dots appeared on her skin and we had our answer..

She had roseola.

This poor sweet baby girl, was in agony for a few days until this passed. Poor girl was so irritable and cranky it was a rough week for us. To top it off, I somehow ended up with pink eye and had to go to urgent care at 8 pm tonight to get some eye medicine...Now we are all on the way to recovery... hopefully.

Monday, August 24, 2015

and the fun begins...

Another school year is upon us. Bailey is starting 2nd grade and Nick is in AM Kindergarten. They are in  a new school and have been anxiously excited about the first day. This school starts at 8am where Bailey's last school was at 9, so this will be a change getting up so early. The school is 20 minutes away, so by 7:30 we are out the door.

 Nick came home from kindergarten and said that it was kinda fun, then he went straight for his video games. I guess it didn't make that big of an impact for him! I had to pull info out of him and he didn't have much to say about anything:)

Bailey had a pretty good day and even had a friend. There was a little girl from her church class that she knew and played with on the playground. She was even invited to her birthday party at the Ice Skating Rink! The only hiccup in Bailey's day was at the very end. Her teacher didn't know I was picking her up from school and stuck her on the bus. I couldn't find her after school, and luckily the bus hadn't left yet. Her teacher went and grabbed her, and when Bailey saw me she started crying. She was scared she wouldn't know where to get off.  

Both kids did great and each day will hopefully get easier and better!

AS for the twinsies....They are 8 months.

Maddie is a little piggie and eats all the food she can. She doesn't have any teeth but wants to eat anything you are eating. She is a very happy, squealing baby and is now a whoppimg 15 lbs.

Jackson is very sensitive and still doesn't like much to eat except his bottle and a few baby foods. He likes to be cuddled and and has to have a soft blanket to sleep with. He is now 18 lbs and growing like a tree. Still no teeth for him either. 

Both babies are trying to sit up on their own, but don't last very long. Still aways off from crawling but I am very happy that they are staying little for a little longer.

Monday, August 3, 2015

house hunting and frustrations

This summer has definitely been frustrating. After we sold our house and moved in with my parents we thought we would buy a house within a month or so, but boy were we wrong. Every house that we went through (probably close to 100) I never got the feeling that it was right. There were many house that worked for us, but I didn't feel great about any of them. 

 Finally there was a short sale that we went through. As soon as I walked in, I told my mom that this was the house. I loved it. The only problem was that 2 companies had called Trent that day and wanted a 2nd interview.  I didn't want to put an offer in, if he got a job somewhere we waited....and waited. 

Finally after 3 weeks of not hearing anything we decided that we would continue house hunting and although we loved the short sale, maybe look for something that we could move into by the time school started. That same day, the short sale was lowered $20k so we decided to go for it and put an offer in. We are now waiting to hear back from the back...which hopefully wont take too long.

On top of all the house hunting and job frustrations, the babies have decided to be extra demanding. Madison is still pretty cheery for the most part, but likes to wake up every day at 5 am and wake her brother up. Mr. Jackson on the other hand, is not very cheerful. He has now decided that he doesn't need sleep and is cranky 80% of the day. After rocking him for a half hour and finally getting him to sleep, he will wake up after 15 minutes and I have to start over again. It seems like my whole day consists of getting Jackson to fall asleep :) 

But in spite of all the hectic things going on, we try to enjoy the small things that happen every day...

like when the babies talk to each other in their jumpers

or trying to get a good picture of them when they turned 7 months

or putting on a 60th birthday party for my mom

Sunny, Aaron & Nick helping celebrate with grandma

My mom taking Bailey horseback riding up in the mountains

Or going to the movies with some friends

School starts in 3 weeks and we are hoping that we will have a few more answers by that time. Nick and Bailey (along with Trent and I) are ready to get some stability and into our own place again. Even if he doesn't get one of these jobs offered to him, he still has a great job that is able to provide for our family and all in all life is pretty good!