Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Going fishin

This week is Spring Break here in Idaho. Yesterday was bright and sunny and when I looked out the window this morning it was a little cloudy. We decided that since the rest of the week would be rainy and stormy that we would take advantage of the day and go fishing with grandpa and grandma. Both my kids have been begging to go fishing the last few weeks.

So we grabbed our poles and headed to Duff Pond where the kids could throw in a pole and fish.

Bailey and Grandpa enjoying the day

Nick loved playing with the worms

Bailey's pole was wiggling but she didn't want to get a fish, so Nick reeled it in and was thrilled that he caught a fish

We had a fun day fishing ...now time for the rain and thunder to start rolling in!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sunny turns 2!

Sunny is my brother Matt's little girl. She just turned 2 so we went to Chuck E Cheese for a Birthday Party. Trent and my dad both had scouts and weren't able to make it, but my mom helped me with the kids and we headed out for some fun and games.

The kids had a blast running around, playing games, eating pizza and cake, and just having fun. Sunny was the hardest because she just kept running and running and was hard to keep up with :) My mom took shifts with Brandy being in charge of Sunny and they were both worn out by the little 2 year old!

Aaron enjoyed the horse ride

And all the kids enjoyed the cake!


Maybe a little too much....my little gross Nick always makes a mess :)
 Happy Birthday Sunny!



Friday, March 14, 2014


Last Sunday, March 2nd, we were woken up early in the morning to the phone call that nobody wants to get. Trent's dad called to tell us that his older brother Dustin had passed away in his sleep. At first we were both shocked to hear that his 39 year old brother....one who has stayed at our house every time he drove to Utah...had passed.

After a few minutes it started to set in and Trent packed a small bag of clothes and headed to Washington to be with Dustin's family. Although we thought it would be only a 7-8 hour trip, that day there were two road closures on the way due to inclement weather. Trent ended up in Seattle about the time his Dad and mom were flying in, grabbed them at the airport and headed out to the port a few hours away. Trent arrived after 13 hours.

It was a hard week for the whole family. He packed his bag for only two days but ended up staying until Friday. I called him on Wednesday and he said that he was still in the same clothes from Sunday and hadn't showered or changed all week...pretty gross. He was able to see his brother and get closure, help with the services in Washington and even do Dustin's Eulogy. I missed him so much while he was gone that week, but I knew that Dustin's family needed him more than I did.

Friday came and Trent brought his dad and mom back with him to Boise. They stayed with us one night then drove back to Utah with his sister Traci. Trent, the kids, and I followed a day later so that we could attend the funeral service in Utah. It was amazing and so comforting for the whole family to be there together and mourn and say goodbye one last time.

We are now back home as a family and we think about Dustin, Laura and their kids often and pray for them to have peace and comfort during this difficult time. We plan on visiting Washington in a few months since Trent said that it really was one of the most beautiful places he has been. Though it is really sad to say Goodbye, we have faith and hope that we will one day see Dustin again.