Monday, September 27, 2010

A little black and blue

Nick is now mobile and starting to crawl... which led to him falling off our bed, hitting his face on the corner of the nightstand and proceeding head first to the ground....and SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER. I felt so bad (although, not to point fingers or anything, I was helping B brush her teeth and someone else was SUPPOSED to be watching Nick) Anyways, When we woke up this morning, I noticed a little black and blue on his cute little face...poor baby! It could have been way worse though...I guess I better keep a closer eye on him now that he seems to be getting around pretty fast!

A trip to Settlers

This is Bailey's favorite park. Any time she gets to go to the park, she wants to go to Settlers in Meridian. It has everything she could possible want plus more...water features, musical instraments, rock climbing, tons of play area, padded floors (instead of the wood chips that are always being thrown at other kids) and all types of sports areas...including Baseball, tennis, horseshoes and much much more. Anyways, we are enjoying the great weather and trying to stay outdoors as much as possible before winter sneaks in.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

implants, a baby shower and surprise birthday party

Last week was just hectic for our family. On Tuesday I had dental surgery and had a steel implant inserted into my gums(no pictures for this one...) I was put under, and got some pretty heavy pain meds, so by the next day I was fine (except for the annoying retainer I now have to wear for 3 months...yuck.)

Then on Friday I had planned a baby shower for a super cute girl in the ward...BUT...she went into labor (6 weeks early) and ended up in the hospital for a few days trying to keep her from having the baby. They released her on Saturday so we rescheduled for this week, but on the day of, she ended up back in the hospital so we had the shower without her...kind of a bummer!

Ducky Theme- here is the table as we were setting up

This is what happens when you plan a morning shower- tons of kids

Just a few of the guests

And on Saturday, a friend and I planned a surprise 30th birthday party for another friend, Ashleigh. It was so much fun. The theme was "Life is sweet at 30" and everything had to do with sweets! So much fun! It was really hectic, and more people came than expected, but we all had a great time! Hopefully I can now relax a bit before another event.

Ashleigh opening her presents(Can you tell that there was a BSU game that day...look at all the blue and orange!)

Some of the group chatting

The girls (yep, that's me behind the balloons)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Boise Train Depot

This morning, I decided to head to Boise and surprise Trent with a visit. He has a few hours break between school classes, so we picked him up and headed to the Boise Train depot, got a bite to eat, headed to the park, then dropped him back off to BSU for the rest of his classes. We had a great day just hanging out with the kids and daddy!

This picture makes it seem so far away, but the city is much closer than it looks. Straight down is the capitol building, then to the right is Boise State. Look

Then we found this weird, very modern park (look how blue the skies are)

Nick is so tiny in the swing

Trent decided to play on a a weird twisty seat...he ended up getting dizzy and having to lie down on the slide so he wouldn't get sick...and Nick thought it was pretty fun playing with daddy's face

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bailey and cousin Aaron racing

There is a slight decline on the sidewalk in the front of the house, and Bailey loves to ride her cars and bike down it. She especially likes to race her cousin Aaron.

What a ham

Nick has become quiet the ham. He makes such funny faces all the time. Whenever he wants something he makes this weird squinty faces...this time he wanted the corn we were eating...

(no he's not Asian...but he makes this funny face EVERY time he wants something)

Getting more frustrated...

Aaaahhhhh, he got it!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trip to the Fire Station

A friend of mine set up a trip to the fire station for her daughter, and invited us to go along with a few other friends. At first, almost all the kids (including Bailey) were scared of the firemen and really didn't want to go near them or the trucks. By the end of the tour, Bailey loved sitting in the fire truck and didn't want to leave.

Bailey's BFF Abi who invited us

Bailey's favorite part

Here's the group- Heather, Melissa, April,and Ashleigh plus all the kiddos...

So much fun, thanks April for inviting us to join in the fun!