Monday, August 31, 2009

Wonderful Friends

We have met some great friends in the Gettysburg ward, but the Sor family has been especially friendly and accepting of us. When they heard that Bailey wasn't feeling well, they dropped off this fun surprise....

A Cinderella cake, which Bailey loved and went crazy over....

And she also liked having a Blue tongue!

I love great friends who sometimes go the extra mile and really make your day- or week for that matter!

Thanks Sor Family, You are awesome!And the cake was yummy!!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


So Bailey ended up getting a very mild case of chickenpox from her vaccine. Her fever was gone by Wed, but Thursday red bumps showed up and she still has a few. She is feeling better, but still not back to normal.

This is when she had her fever and was completely out of it for a few days. Poor thing!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vaccine Issues

Last Thursday I took Bailey to get her routine vaccines. She was only supposed to get 1, but of course the doctor wanted to give more. I never let them give her more than 3-4 because I don't feel that it is necessary to give so many at once into the little kids. This time, I told him that he could do 2 extra, for a total of 3, but when the nurse came in she had 4!!!! Well, I did not say anything and now Bailey has had a fever of 102 for a few days. Sunday she was not feeling well and she has had a fever ever since. I am wondering of it was the shots, because she has no other symptoms, just a fever (and all that comes with a fever) Usually they say that they will have a fever for a few days, but it did not show up until 3 days later. I hope that she feels better soon, because I hate seeing my baby girl so miserable.

Oh, and I'm looking for a new pediatrician if anyone knows of a good one...this has happened too many times where she ends up sick after going to that office.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Details and pics from Utah

We had a great time visiting family and friends, but were so busy the whole time that we did not have much time to relax. We made it to Utah last Thursday and did not go to Idaho like we wanted, due to Bailey crying in the car for over 5 hours! We decided that we would travel as little as possible once we got there. We had a great time with his family at their BBQ and seeing all our old friends. It was fun to go to the BYU campus and look at all the changes they have made(I haven't been there since I grdauted in 2002!) The hardest part about the trip (Besides Bailey being terrible in the car) was not sleeping on our own bed. I did not sleep well at all and neither did Trent or Bailey, so we were all pretty tired by the time we left. Here are a few pics of the Trip.

Here we are at the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point

Bailey with Grandpa and Grandma Campbell

My brother Casey, Rachel and new baby Isaiah (Zaya)

Grandpa campbell helping Bailey on the Pony ride at Thanksgiving Point

Here are 2 of my BYU roomates and great Friends, Christina Magleby and Samanatha Snyder

Monday, August 17, 2009

We're back!!!!

We are back from Utah, but as today is the first day of my class(and I don't feel very prepared to lecture for a few hours), I will have to post pictures and more details of the trip later.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Off to Utah

We are heading off to Utah in the morning for a few weeks. Trent is excited to see his family and friends, and I am excited to see many of my good friends/college roommates! I am also excited to see my brother Casey and his wife and new baby who just moved to the Orem area for a few months, go the the Outlets in Park City, Visit my Almamater (Go cougars!)and go to all the great food places in Utah (Cafe Rio, Gandolphos, Ernies, etc...) On the way home we may stop by Idaho as things keep falling into place for us to leave Fresno in the future. Trent has been accepted to Boise State and now we just need a few more things to fall in place and we will be outta here!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Week long Furlough

We had Trent's first furlough week this week (mandatory week off )so we headed to my grandparents ranch by San Luis Obispo to earn some money. Well, we only lasted a few days before Trent got an awful case of Poison Oak. It was really bad, so he had to go to the doctor who gave him steroids to help it go away.

Bailey loved Grandpa's horses and fed them everyday

While in SLO, we went to the mid state fair in Paso Robles and had an awesome time. My mom and Brother Matt and his family met us there for the day! We saw the pig races, lots of livestock, a zoo to you show, and Bailey rode a pony, but cried the whole time. It ended up being the perfect temp(the high was 89) and the evening was nice and cool. I couldn't imagine getting a little chilly in July, but surprisingly, it was! We are now back home for a few days, before Trent has to take Furlough #2 and we are heading to Utah!!!