Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Yesterday was such a nice day that Nick wanted to be outside all day. After I dropped Bailey off at school, I called my mom and she was heading to walk the Boise River with my dad. Nick and I joined in an afternoon walk and enjoyed the sunshine and the river.

Nick of course just loved throwing rocks into the river. I sat for a half hour so he could just throw rocks!

And he had to get the biggest rocks he could carry

And recently Bailey has been wanting to be in gymnastics.  Since it is pretty expensive I have been putting it off. But, last week I got an email from the Parks and Rec saying that they need more girls in their 6 weeks gymnastics class...and it was only $30. What a deal!

Bailey absolutely LOVES the class.... and there are only 3 girls so they get quite a bit of one on one time with the teacher....

Bailey and her friend Anna are both in the class

And hopefully we can find a class after the 6 weeks is done!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

MK Nature Center

Bailey's kindergarten class had a field trip to the MK Nature Center in Boise. Bailey and her friends had a blast, but the very best part was riding on a school bus for the first time.


Three little owls, Abi, Lily and Bailey

                              Bailey loved the animal furs- she liked the raccoon the most :)
The girls enjoying a snack- Aspen, Bailey, Abbi and Lily


Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter from our family to yours!

We had a wonderful Easter and fun filled weekend. Bailey found these Bunny Ears and was so excited to wear them to school on Friday and bring cookies for her class to share during snack.
Later that evening, she got to wear them again for her school carnival.
The next morning, she got up early, put on her bunny ears and was ready to dye Easter eggs with Nick. Both kids loved dying eggs and we even dyed grandmas dozen because they weren't done having fun!
We had a family Egg Hunt at Grandmas with our cousins Aaron and Sunny!




Off to Church on Sunday morning. These kids aren't the best about holding still for pictures, but at least they are smiling!




After church we headed to my parents for dinner..and Nick ran into her doorknob and got a cut on his eyelid...this boy seems to bring drama everywhere we go :)

And Bentley joined in on the holiday fun too!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter this year!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Carnival

Bailey's school had a Spring carnival to help raise money for school activities. We invited grandma and grandpa too so that they could bid on a few items in the silent auction.  Bailey had so much fun, and loved seeing all her friends from her kindergarten class. She loves her teacher, classmates and school so much that she is upset that school will be out in a few months.

Bailey talking to her friend Samuel

Samuel, Aspen and Bailey

Nick concentrating hard on a game

Aspen, Bailey, Nick and Dylan in line for another game

 Put Put golf  (Nick has been loving golf lately, his new hobby)
  And Bailey giving it a try
So much fun and a great way to earn some extra money for the school

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Subdivision Egg Hunt

Recently I was put on our Subdivision Social Committee. Actually I volunteered because our subdivision was boring and had no activities like others in our area. So a friend and I decided that we would organize activities that would bring the neighbors closer together.

We got a pretty hefty budget for the year and decided that we should start with an Easter Egg Hunt. We filled 600 eggs, had 4 Golden eggs and set up the field last night into 4 age groups.

We made sure to actually hide the eggs so it was a little harder to find. Can you spot the golden egg below?

The kids had a blast running around searching for eggs, and filling their baskets.

Nick is in the blue plaid shirt running and Bailey is right behind him

parents and kids joining the madness

Bailey at home with her treats

And Nick holding onto the Air horn for dear life so I wouldn't take it from him...He enjoyed this more than the hunt itself  (Trent had the horn  for the "go signal")

 So much fun, especially with a smaller group the kids had a blast!