Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Newborn photo shoot

The babies are now 8 weeks old, but their due date was just a few days ago on Feb 15th. Even though Jackson and Madison are the size of normal newborns now, they are a little more alert, strong and awake than a newborn, so we knew it would be hard to get good pictures of the two of them together.

So my mom and I gathered as many props and outfits together, and with Matt taking the pictures and Brandy helping to pose them, we had our newborn photo shoot. Both babies were crying and  did not want to sleep. So we took off their clothes and diapers to try and get a few good poses.

One of the cutest ideas we had was to put both babies in a basket lined with white fur. We placed them in it and they were really cranky. After a few minutes, they relaxed, slumped down a bit, and were very content just looking around. After we took quite a few pictures, we picked them up and both babies had pooped all over themselves and the was quite the mess to clean up. Lesson learned, keep the diapers on!!!!

Here are a few of my favorite photos



Lil Miss Madison





Birthdays and Valentines

February has been a crazy month. Bailey had her 7th Birthday and I let her have a small party, I was given  a baby shower, Grandpa and Grandma Campbell came to visit and help with the babies, and it was Valentines Day.

Bailey dressed as Elsa for her Frozen themed 7th birthday

Nick and Lizzie enjoying the party!

My diaper shower was given at the Clubhouse ( Ann Eagan, Sunny Perkins (with Madison) and my mom)

 my friends Ashleigh and Charissa (holding Jackson) threw the shower (and Charissa's daughter Lexi)
Grandpa Campbell holding both babies

Bailey dressed for Valentines Day!


whew, just Nick's birthday next week and February is almost done!