Saturday, July 18, 2009

108 degrees and rising!

The high today in Fresno is supposed to be 108 degrees! Instead of going to the Waterpark and frying, we decided to visit grandpa and grandma Davis. She has fun playing in the dog tub in the backyard!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What an example!!!!

I got this email from my mom's friend, Dena Callahan. If you know me, you know how much I LOVE American Idol...And my favorite contestant, David Archuleta!

Yesterday I was serving in the Fresno Temple when the phone rang and someone wanted to know if they could perform Baptisms on Sat. around 9. I told them they could join a group of Young Single Adults and asked for the name to add to the list. David Archuleta was the name. (American Idol runner up) He was the opening act for a concert here last night. And before he left for San Jose 's concert which is tonight, he wanted to do some temple work. Wow! I was really impressed. He is on tour, the only mormon in the group besides his traveling companion, and he takes time out to serve in the Temple. dena

Monday, July 6, 2009

Star Spangled Extravaganza!

We started off the holiday weekend on Friday the 3rd. We went with my parents, brother and his family, and some friends (Gina and Brian) to Wild Water and enjoyed a LONG day at the water park. We wanted to stay for the Fireworks show, but after 10 hours at the park, we were so tired that we all left before it started. Then Saturday my ward had a pancake Breakfast. We were debating if we could get out of bed at 7 am , but Trent woke both me and Bailey up to go(although it was not a great idea and she was cranky most the morning). I think the reason Trent wanted to go is because he helped me make HOMEMADE strawberry syrup the day before, and I think he wanted to see how it tasted! The breakfast was kind of a let down and not much fun. What I have noticed in our new ward, is that it is super friendly on Sunday, but at ward activities, most people stick to themselves. I know, we should have gone out and talked to people, but in some wards you don't have to make that effort. People are so frienldy that EVERYONE sits together and chats. So after sitting by ourselves for 20 minutes we left and headed to Madera. We then went to a swim party that some friends invited us to, then to my parents for a small Fireworks show for Bailey (Which she was scared of and started crying) Then yesterday was church and luckily I did not have sharing time, so it was a bit more relaxing than most Sundays!) So all in all it was a pretty busy, hectic weekend, and I am ready to resume my normal schedule and hopefully sneak in a nap today!

Here's Bailey checking out the Goods!!!!

Conked out after a long day!!!

watching the show!!!(Gina, Mom, Bailey, Brian)

Getting ready for church!!

I wish I had waterpark pictures, but my Dad should have some on his blog, so just click on Dad Davis to the right and see if he has posted his yet!