Monday, August 25, 2014

Bailey starts 1st grade

Today was Bailey's first day of school- all day school in first grade. She has been nervous all week and has been acting up, so I was ready for her to go back. But as I dropped her off, I couldn't help the little tears that swelled in my eyes as I said goodbye.

She has one of her best friends in her class and was very excited to see her. She is gonna love first grade and do great!

We carpool with her friend Soren who is also in the 1st grade


Monday, August 11, 2014

California Trip

This summer is flying by and I haven't been feeling well, so we haven't made the most of summer we decided to head to California for a fun summer trip before school starts.  My brother Jeff and his wife Yolanda just had their first baby, a boy! So we were able to visit with them while we were down there.

We headed to my grandparents ranch where the kids could run around, get dirty and ride horses. We made a few day trips to the beach, and of course fish and chips in Morro Bay. The kids really had a great week and topped it off by staying at Circus Circus on the way home and having a blast. It was nice to have one fun trip this summer before we have to get ready for school...then for the two babies on the way!

Nick and Bailey loved helping feed the horses every morning

Then they helped brush and get them ready to put the saddle on

Then we went to the Apple Farm by Avila Beach and they had hay rides and pony rides we enjoyed

 Then to the beach

Nick was fearless and kept going farther and farther into the waves until a few were so big they crashed over him.  The picture below is in the morning when we first arrived...the day got warmer and the waves got bigger

We went to Morro Bay with Grandma Davis, Grandma Parsons and Aunt Pam

 We had so much fun... I have to admit that it would have been a lot more enjoyable for me if I didn't feel so nauseous the whole time, but the kids had such a great time it didn't matter!