Friday, April 30, 2010

10 Fun Idaho facts

Since being here for 4 months, we are starting to see the differences between Idaho and California. Here is a list of 10 differences that we have noticed so far!

1. The car insurance in Idaho is soooo cheap. About half the cost. In CA, we were paying about $125 a month for 2 cars, full coverage. Here we are paying around $50 and get better coverage!

2. Most of the produce here are shipped from Ca, so they are not as fresh and cost more. I miss my yummy fruits and veggies of the San Juaquin Valley and the fabulous Farmers Markets!

3. Everyone has a dog in their stop at a red light and see everyone with a dog in their car...and not little chihuahua's, but big hunting dogs. You go to Home Depot (which has a sign that says no dogs allowed) and you see a ton of funny.

4. There are hardly any Taco Bells here. We have seen a few and stopped a couple times, and they aren't very good. I used to LOVE Taco Bell, but not so much anymore. And we still haven't found a good Mexican restaurant yet...maybe someday!

5.Rent is super cheap in Idaho. A good 2 bedroom apt with washer/dryer goes from $650-$700. In Fresno, our little place was $850 and was not very nice. You can even find apartments for $500, maybe a little older, but still decent. Crazy huh?

6. Houses are also super cheap. On our way to town, there are new homes being built that say from 69,000. Can you believe it? I'm sure they are not top quality, but really...a brand new house for that cheap?

7. Another thing is that in Fresno you might find a house in the lower 100's, but it will be in the ghetto where you feel unsafe. Here, it may be low income people, but they are more hick, not gangsters. But, I never feel unsafe. You don't see gangbangers hanging around, there is NO GRAFFITI, and the news almost never mentions shootings, or driveby's or gang sweeps.

8. WALMART IS CLEAN!! Can you imagine? And...there is never more than 2 people in line. In Fresno I would wait 45 minutes in a line of 8-10 people. It is sooo much better. But on the downside, most walmarts are super walmarts and don't have a craft/fabric section...which means a trip to another store.

9. A ton of people hunt and fish. In hunting season, we will wake up to gun shots of hunters in the field next to us hunting birds. People are very outdoorsy and there are a lot of recreational things to do here!

10. The weather. It is always changing...not like in a week, but in a day. You wake up to sunshine and an hour later is rain, hail or snow, then sunshine again. It is kinda fun to have all the different aspects of weather in 1 day, but hard to plan a trip to the park. I guess I just have to be more relaxed and just go with it. I am a planner and like to plan my days, but I'm quickly learning that I need to be more flexible!

We love Idaho! It is a little slower pace from what we are used to, but we like it. We have a little more time to relax, and enjoy time as a family and our little kiddies before they are all grown up!

And anyone is welcome to visit...we have 2 extra guest rooms that LOVE visitors.

mommy daughter date

Bailey has been acting up lately and has been needing a little extra attention since Nick has been around. She has been saying these two things A LOT : "Mommy, put him down" and "Daddy take him".So we decided that Bailey needed some time alone with mommy. I took her on our special date to Build a bear. She got to pick out her bear and what to dress her in. She loved it! It was the first time for both of us and we had a fun time without daddy and baby Nicholas!

She named her Pinky and dressed her in pajamas and slippers so she could go night night with Bailey!

Her birth certificate

And a special thanks to Bailey for being a wonderful date!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hot Springs

With Trent's family here last week, we all headed out to the Givens hot springs that are nearby. I had never been to hot springs and didn't know what to expect. For some reason I thought that it would be a warm, muddy river that you could sit in...but it was just a really warm indoor swimming pool and it didn't even smell- well maybe a very slight odor. We only lasted a few hours in the heated pool but had a good time.

Bailey relaxing in the warm water with Grandma Davis

Putting on a life jacket to play with daddy in the deep end

Trent and Bailey with her cousins, Kayloni, Trevor and Lucy

Taking a rest from the hot water with a drink of fresh, cold water

Great Grandma Campbell, Grandma Terry Campbell and baby Nicholas relaxing and watching the swimmers!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nick's blessing

Today at church, Trent gave Nick his baby blessing. It was nice to have so many relatives come- including a few of Trent's cousins who live close by. Trent did a good job and so did Nick - good job boys! Afterward we had a nice BBQ with Trent's fabulous Tri-tip and mom's baked beans. I'm sad that I only got a few pictures, but at least I got some.

Our little man all in white- ready to go!

A little cheeser like his daddy

The Davis and Campbell clans- excluding my dad who is taking the picture

Our small family- not a great picture, but the best we got

Bailey loves her Buzz and Woody Dolls!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy 29th Hubby!

Yesterday was Trent's Birthday so we had a small celebration for him (next year will be the BIG celebration at 30). We went to Fiesta Guadalajara in Meridian and he got his favorite- chicken Fajitas. Casey and Rachel are here visiting and Trent's family should arrive later today for Nick's blessing tomorrow in church.

Hapy Birthday Trent!

My brother Casey, wife Rachel and baby Zaya in the corner

Bailey getting hungry

Just a simple icecream cake. Maybe next year I'll have time to make one!

Red velvet with cake batter icecream....yu-um!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Egg Scramble

This Easter was a little different for us. Since Nick is being blessed this Sunday, we are having all our family come up this weekend instead of Easter Weekend. So with just us and my parents, we tried to make the best of it without other family members. We took Bailey to TWO Egg hunts...but they are different here in Idaho. Instead of hiding the eggs, there are hundreds of eggs just thrown on the ground. Then when the kids are let go, they just take off and grab as many as they can. It was REALLY crazy. Now I know why the newspaper called one an "Easter egg scramble" There is no hunt involved. Then on Sunday morning, which was also conference, Trent got up early and actually hid a few around the house that Bailey could find. It was a really good weekend and now we are looking forward to this upcoming weekend where Trent's family and my brothers are all visiting!!!

It was a bit chilly, but at least it was sunny!

Can you find any eggs?

Bailey and her eggs

Here is the hectic egg scramble

Easter morning, Bailey on her egg hunt

Getting money in her Easter eggs and putting it in her piggy bank along with Molly the dog and brother Nick!

Bailey's eggs and Easter loot from the Easter bunny!

Having more fun playing with the basket than what was in it!

Baby Nicholas enjoying his first Easter Sunday...