Monday, May 28, 2012

Preschool Party!

This year I joined a preschool co-op for Bailey. There were 6 kids in the group, and each week a different mom taught so we only had to teach about 6 times. I was in charge of the end of the year party, so I decided to throw a "Lets start summer" party instead with a treasure hunt, balloon games and pinata. We ended with a small ceremony with the kids singing a few songs and each recieving an award for something they learned during the year. The kids had a blast and I'm glad that the pre-school year has come to an end.

Bailey and Brooklynn

Jackson, Derek and Nick

Our yummy snacks

The kids ready to get their end of the year awards!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quick trip and a new job

We decided last week that we would take a quick trip to see Trents parents in Orem, Utah, before he started a new job this Monday. The kids were awesome the whole way down, but the way back was a little rockier with both kids tired, worn out and a bit cranky.

Nick and Bailey loved going in Grandpa Campbells backyard and trying to get the chickens! They succeeded a few times.

We also got to go to Thanksgiving Point and let the kids go on a pony ride, feed the animals and take a wagon tour.

Bailey and Grandpa Campbell

The next day we took a picnic up to Bridal Veil Falls and enjoyed the perfect weather that evening.

3 generations picture Nick, Trent and Gary Campbell. We went to great grandparents Campbells house that night and I should have gotten a four generation picture but didn't get the chance to.

It was so nice to get a small trip in since it will probably be our only one this summer. On Monday, Trent started a new job as a Manufacturing Engineer. It is a little different from his Mechanical Engineering job that he had but thinks that this is a great company with lots of areas for growth within.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bailey, Nick and their new cousin Sunny

This is Matt and Brandy's newest addition to their family. Cute little baby Sunny.

Bailey and Nick couldn't get enough time holding her.

Sunny wasn't as thrilled with Nick holding her as much as he was =)