Tuesday, January 17, 2017


So, the first snow day ended up turning into 5 snow days. The most that the school district has ever had to use. It snowed and snowed and snowed. Trent even took a day off work because the roads weren't cleared. The kids loved staying home an extra week after going back to school for one day.

Here is Bailey and her friend Erika clearing the snow off the trampoline.

I was going a little nuts by the end, but it was nice to sleep in and stay warm.  we did venture out to chuck e cheese on the last day because the babies were getting a little stir crazy.

Jackson and Madison had a blast at Chuck e Cheese along with Bailey and Nick

Our backyard during snowpocalypse

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Snow day!!!!!

This year it has snowed A LOT!!!! Usually we get a snow storm, it drops about 6 inches and within a week it is all melted. This year, we have had a snow storm every week, sometimes every 2-3days. Trent will just get the driveway and sidewalk cleared and the next day there is new snow on it again. It has been really crazy. It snowed all night and has been snowing all morning so we have quite a big pile in our front yard.

But, today is the kids first snow day, where school was cancelled. Bailey and Nick went back to school yesterday from Christmas vacation and they were so excited to wake up and not have school today!

Here it is just a few days ago after Trent cleared the driveway and sidewalks