Thursday, September 22, 2016

Busy Busy Babies

Since school has started, life has gotten a little crazy and busy. It is nice that the older kids are back in school and doing well, but homework, spelling tests, Bailey's gymnastics, and various other activities keep our evenings pretty busy. The days I just seem to run around after the babies cleaning up messes and splitting up fights (yep even at 1 year old they pulled each other's hair and push each other down) Jackson can now open doors, so we have to lock all the doors and try our best to keep them out of the bathrooms and pantry (their two favorite places to make the biggest messes).

Here are just a few pictures that I took over the last few weeks that are mostly of the twins

*Music time at the Library*

 *crazy kiddos climbing all over mommy*

*getting ready for nap time*


*babysitting the neighbors dog*

* Bath time*
*shower time*
* Jackson being naughty and climbing on the table*

 *playing in the sandbox and getting their pajamas all dirty*


Twins 1st dentist appointment

Today I took Madison and Jackson for their 1st dentist appointment. When they first mentioned it at Bailey and Nicks appointment last month, I thought they were crazy to  want me to bring them in. They said that the exam would be free and it would just be a short trip to get them comfortable going. They also put on a tiny bit of fluoride to protect their teeth.

The babies ended up  doing great. We take the kids to a pediatric dentist that is amazing. First thing they did was give the babies sunglasses to wear and a stuffed animal to hold. Then one at a time, they brushed their teeth and put on the fluoride. Both babies seemed to love the attention. Jackson was so proud of himself wearing big boy sunglasses and sitting in the big chair that he just flirted with everyone. Madison was ready to go once she saw Jackson getting all the attention.


Friday, September 2, 2016

waiting for the bus

Waiting for the Bus to come with their friend Cache.