Monday, June 22, 2015

1/2 Birthday


The Babes are now a whole 6 months! I can't believe that time is flying by so fast. I love these little mischievous bundles of  joy. They are sure a LOT of work, but so much fun. Their little personalities are starting to shine through and we are getting to know them better each day.

Our little Jax is loud, loves to be cuddled and held, and just wants to be around people. He is strong and just wants to stand up and look around at whats going on. He sings himself to sleep and loves music.

Maddie is such a happy baby. She likes to be picked up, but is also content just sitting in her chair and looking around. She loves her baby food and eats like a champ. Her brother spits out most food and doesn't love it, but this girl starts shaking with excitement when she sees her food coming! She is happy and sleeps pretty well, even through her brother screaming.

I am one happy, and sleepy, momma. My four kids are so much work and sometimes I think I'm gonna go crazy from all the energy and constant work, but love them all so much.

Happy Dads day

 Happy father's Day to my crazy, and fun loving Husband, who is a wonderful father to our (slightly under dressed) kiddos. And yes, Jackson is missing from the picture because its really hard to hold two babies on your head!

And here's the missing baby, with my wonderful Father and his dog Bob! So Grateful for everything my Dad has done for me and taught me throughout my life. He is such a great example to our family, love you dad!