Wednesday, September 6, 2017

VIPKID- Is it for real?

Last September, the kids were heading back to school and I still had Jackson and Madison at home with me. I was thinking about looking for a part time job, not to to help with the finances, but so I could start to feel human again. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but my identity as mom had taken over. I suddenly had mom responsibility all the time and I needed another purpose. I wanted to be apart of something, but I didn't know what.

A friend of a friend had posted on Facebook that VIPKID was looking for people with their Bachelors degree to teach English to Chinese students. The pay sounded great, $14-22/hour. The schedule was flexible and I can work in my pajama pants. I was very skeptical and immediately started researching this company. It sounded too good to be true. Was this really a legit company? I called the person who had placed the ad on her Facebook page and asked a TON of questions. She had been with company 6 months. She worked mornings when her kids were asleep for just a few hours. She didn't need childcare and she was bringing home $700-$800 a month. 

I decided to give it a go and tried it out. I passed the interview and was told I need to do a 30 minute mock class. I have never been a teacher in a brick and mortar school, so the though of teaching for 30 minutes scared me a little. I prepared the best I could and gave my best, enthusiastic, over the top lesson I could. Then I waited.

I found out 2 days later that I passed and the rest is history. I have been with VIPKID now almost a year. I have gotten paid every month by the 15th. I have regular students who book me every day and I have grown to love each of them. 

This job has been the biggest blessing to me. It gives me my time where I can step out of mom duties and become a teacher and mentor to students. I laugh and sing and even celebrate birthdays with my students during their 25 minute lessons. If anyone is interested in learning more, or joining VIPKID, don't hesitate . It is amazing! You will LOVE IT!

Here is the link for more info

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